68 Pervert!

    In all honesty, Lin Yiqian wanted to ignore him and leave right away.

    However, she decided to make things clear once and for all so that he would not bring this matter up the next time they meet.

    Despite her attempt at explaining, Zhang Yang did not sound convinced. "Stop denying it, Yiqian. I know you've missed me all these years. On the day we graduated from primary school, you had even snuck over to our class and peeked at me from outside the window."

    "I was there to look at..." Lin Yiqian held herself back from saying the name in her mind.

    Nevermind. There was no way she could convince this narcissist otherwise.

    People like him were extraordinarily confident in themselves. They were so confident that they would not accept another person's objection toward the truth in their mind.

    In other words, he was mildly perverted.

    Lin Yiqian waved her hand dismissively. "I'm already married now. My husband is rich and handsome."

    'You are nowhere near him. Are you that clueless?' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Why did he dare to seek her out and ask for her attention?

    "He doesn't love you at all." Zhang Yang suddenly became upset. "If he did, why would he let you drive a car worth 500,000 dollars? The Gu family can afford so much more."

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    She regretted her decision. She should have chosen the Porsche, Bentley or even the Maserati. Why did she choose a 500,000 dollar Mercedes-Benz?

    "I'm sorry. I am in a hurry." Lin Yiqian did not want to waste any more time on this guy.

    She waved at Zhang Yang as she prepared to leave. Suddenly, Zhang Yang blocked her way. "He kicked you out of the group chat in front of all our schoolmates. Did you know how hurt I felt on your behalf?"

    As he spoke, Zhang Yang pressed his hand to his heart as if he was actually hurt.

    This was even more dramatic than a theatre show.

    Lin Yiqian tried to suppress her laughter.

    This guy was fit for the screens.

    There would be no end to this conversation if she did not leave. "Get out of my way!"

    Lin Yiqian lost her temper as she pushed Zhang Yang away and walked out the door.

    She was no longer in the mood for coffee.

    However, Zhang Yang still would not let her leave in peace. "Yiqian, please be with me. Although I don't have much to offer, I will take care of you and I will appreciate you."

    Lin Yiqian was tempted to ask him what had given him the courage to cheat on his wife.

    Before she could even turn around to speak, a pair of hands suddenly circled around her.

    This was something completely unexpected. Her face turned cold as she turned around and pushed Zhang Yang away.


    She had slapped him on the face. "Get lost!"


    "Who are you? Why are you hitting my husband?"

    All of a sudden, a woman around the age of twenty-five ran over and pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian.

    Clearly, this was Zhang Yang's wife.

    "If you don't get out of my way, I will hit you as well," Lin Yiqian warned.

    Her aggression instilled fear in Zhang Yang's wife. She backed away immediately.

    "What are you two doing? Why did she hit you?" Zhang Yang's wife asked as she turned to face him.

    Zhang Yang's mouth was visibly trembling. After a moment, he pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian. "This... This is my primary schoolmate Lin Yiqian. She has had feelings for me since we were in school together."

    His wife was immediately infuriated.

    "This sl*t! How dare she flirts with my husband?"
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