69 Forced to Curse

    When she saw the woman's hand moving toward her, Lin Yiqian immediately raised her hand to catch her by the wrist as she pushed her away.

    The woman nearly cried out in pain.

    "Don't you know how ugly your husband looks?"

    Lin Yiqian did not budge as she scanned Zhang Yang's wife from top to bottom. "Only someone with less than average looks like you would find a man like him attractive," Lin Yiqian sneered.

    Zhang Yang's wife was furious at this point. A woman who had just flirted with her husband was now insulting her for her looks. "You shameless woman. Who did you say have less than average looks?"

    As she spoke, she moved closer to Lin Yiqian.

    Her aggressive demeanor did not frighten Lin Yiqian. Instead, Zhang Yang was the one who felt intimidated. He immediately wrapped his arms around his wife as he pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian. "Lin Yiqian, it's not your fault that you like me. However, you're being very rude to my wife."

    He still sounded very confident when he accused Lin Yiqian of having feelings for him.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled out loud. "Zhang Yang, why do you have such exceptional confidence?"

    "If you don't have money to buy a mirror, you might want to consider urinating on the ground and checking your own reflection. You ought to see how ugly you really look," Lin Yiqian continued coolly.

    Why were they forcing an angelic lady like her to curse? Did they not feel guilty?

    Zhang Yang was flabbergasted. His lips continued to tremble as he spoke. "You... I know you are angry because you love me but can't have me."

    "Wife, let's leave." He pulled his wife along as he turned around.

    "We're not leaving. This woman goes around wrecking the marriage of others. She had even hit you. I must teach her a lesson." His wife would not leave after being insulted so badly.

    As she pushed Zhang Yang away, she began to shout loudly. "Everyone, come over here. This woman was flirting with my husband in public."

    As she shouted, everyone in the cafe came out to see what was going on. Even people on the streets stopped in front of the cafe.

    "What's going on?"

    "Isn't that Lin Yiqian?"

    Most of the people who showed up lived in this small neighborhood. There was a mix of male and female. Some of them immediately recognized Lin Yiqian.

    "She is Lin Tianwan's daughter. I recalled that she had left the country with a man several years ago."

    "Don't you know? She's married to Mega Group's CEO now."

    Hearing the chatter among the crowd, Zhang Yang's wife finally realized who Lin Yiqian was. "You are the infamous wife in the Gu family. I heard that your husband left you to be with another woman on the day you got married."

    "Ahh. She's had quite an unfortunate upbringing. Her mother passed away when she was young. She did not have anyone to guide her and that's why she ran off with a man." Someone in the crowd sighed.

    "She is the result of her environment. Not long after her mother had passed away, her father already got together with her aunt. Her aunt is not a good person, and neither is her father. How could she possibly turn out well under such poor influences?"

    "It's no wonder that Mr. Gu could never like her."

    "I heard that Mr. Gu was forced to marry her because of his grandfather's will."

    When Zhang Yang overheard these comments, she felt immensely pleased. It was as if Lin Yiqian was being slapped by her own hands. "That explains why you are out flirting with other men. It seems that your man at home can't keep you happy."
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