70 The Wife Pays

    Lin Yiqian smiled calmly. "What I am about to say next isn't me flaunting. I'm only speaking the truth."

    As soon as she started speaking, everyone in the crowd became silent.

    It was as if she was born with such an ability to capture the audience's attention.

    All eyes were on her as they anticipated what she was about to say.

    Lin Yiqian scanned the crowd before finally resting her gaze on Zhang Yang's wife. "Do you know how much money I have?"

    "I don't care how much money you have." Zhang Yang's wife snorted.

    "If I withdrew all the money in my bank account, I could travel the world several times." Lin Yiqian laughed.

    She extended her arms to form a circle so that everyone could imagine what she said.

    Lin Yiqian then raised her chin proudly. "I can find Daniel Wu in Shanghai, Eddie Peng in the capital, and Turbo Liu in America when I want to. In fact, I can find any man of any age, and even a different one every day for the entire year. Please tell me..."

    She intentionally paused as she shifted her gaze to Zhang Yang.

    Lin Yiqian looked extremely intimidating.

    Zhang Yang was so scared that he had even subconsciously taken a step backward.

    "What could I possibly find attractive in this four-eyed freak?" Lin Yiqian continued.

    "His personality?" A smirk appeared on her face as she spoke.

    "Please forgive me for saying this. The only qualities I observe on him are disgusting and annoying."

    Where did she learn how to insult someone like this?

    It was brutal.

    Lin Yiqian could probably make it into the Guinness World Records for her technique in insulting.

    Zhang Yang felt as if he was about to faint as his face became red. He pointed his finger at Lin Yiqian for a long while before speaking. "Lin Yiqian, you..."

    "A pervert like you doesn't deserve the right to call me by my full name. Please address me properly." Lin Yiqian instantly interrupted him.

    The crowd was stunned and speechless.

    This lady's beautiful appearances and the way she scolded the man were a complete mismatch.

    Indeed, the saying was true that one should not judge a book by its cover.

    Zhang Yang was speechless as tears filled his eyes.

    Lin Yiqian ignored him as she turned to face the rest of the audience. "I live in a billion-dollar mansion every day with dozens of servants attending to my needs. Everyone addresses me as Mrs. Gu. Moreover, I have an unlimited balance of credit to be spent. I own so many bags and purses that I could probably let the servants use them as grocery bags. What right do you have to feel pity for me?"

    The people in the audience had earlier expressed pity for Lin Yiqian even though they were not any better off than her.

    Lin Yiqian's single performance could probably earn her ten years of these people's average salary. What right did they have to feel pity for her?

    Members of the audience who heard what she said immediately felt hurt.

    However, some of the older people in the audience voiced their disagreement. "It's all materialistic stuff."

    "Aren't you all working to the point of exhaustion for this materialistic stuff? You're literally bowing down to your bosses every day with complete disregard of your own pride." Lin Yiqian chuckled coolly.

    The audience was in complete silence right then.

    They did not have a comeback for Lin Yiqian's harsh words.

    Zhang Yang's wife was still not giving up. This was not how she imagined things would turn out. "Stop acting all tough. Your husband isn't only giving you money. He gives them to other women as well. Why are you so happy?"

    Lin Yiqian did not bother replying to her pointless argument.

    As Lin Yiqian was prepared to leave, a familiar man's voice could be heard in the crowd. "Lin Yiqian, why haven't you come to fetch me? I had bought an ice-cream earlier and I had to borrow thirty bucks from the secretary. Give me thirty bucks so I can repay the money."

    Lin Yiqian looked up with a confused expression. The man was now in front of her and was stretching a hand out to her.
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