71 A Small Puppy Before Lin Yiqian

    Lin Yiqian stared at Gu Nianshen's face for a while before lowering her gaze to his hand. After thinking about what he had said, she finally realized what was going on.

    Although she was surprised that he would support her at this moment, she would not miss this opportunity.

    "Gu Nianshen, are you mad? What were you thinking when you bought the ice-cream worth thirty bucks?" Lin Yiqian raised her voice.

    Gu Nianshen was speechless.

    He was already being nice to her by stooping down from his usual big ego. He could not believe that she was taking advantage of this opportunity to do even more damage.

    Gu Nianshen gritted his teeth. "There was only Haagen-Dazs downstairs," he replied softly.

    Was this really Mega's CEO, Gu Nianshen?

    People had always thought of him as a cold and distant person who would not even care about his wife. In fact, there were even rumors of him sleeping with another model on the night he got married. This could not possibly be the real Gu Nianshen. He was like a small obedient puppy in front of Lin Yiqian.

    The people present were shocked by how different he was in person as compared to his portrayed personality in the news. It was no wonder that the government started restricting the freedom of expression on the internet. Otherwise, gossips might really go out of control.

    On the other hand, Lin Yiqian was perhaps a little too strict on her husband. How could Gu Nianshen not even have thirty dollars to buy ice-cream for himself?

    More importantly, he was only spending money on ice-cream. If he could not even do that, would it not be extremely embarrassing?

    Qi Shaodong was trying so hard to control himself from laughing that his mouth appeared contorted.

    Gu Nianshen had certainly made too great of an exaggeration. In Qi Shaodong's opinion, he should have at least said he needed money for a foot massage or even for petrol. That would have at least given him an option with more than a hundred dollars in expenditure.

    An ice-cream worth thirty dollars was too little!

    Gu Nianshen's appearance had caused Zhang Yang's wife to face even greater embarrassment. "Mr. Gu, your wife was flirting with my husband," she finally yelled loudly.

    Gu Nianshen lazily shifted his gaze toward Zhang Yang's wife as he smiled. "I believe she has better taste in men."

    As he spoke, Gu Nianshen raised his hand and finally let it land softly on Lin Yiqian's head as he patted her gently.

    His hand moved very gently and affectionately.

    Indeed, Gu Nianshen seemed to rarely display any signs of affection. However, when he did so, it immediately captured everyone's attention.

    Lin Yiqian could feel the warmth of his hand on her head. For a brief moment, she looked up at Gu Nianshen in disbelief.

    Her face instantly became flushed with redness.

    The audience was still silent.

    It was all because of Gu Nianshen's painful remark earlier. Nevertheless, they were impressed by how he and Lin Yiqian both had awfully well-thought responses.

    Right then, Zhang Yang began to speak. "She has had feelings for me since we were in primary school. I'm not lying. She would always sneak over to our class to take a peek at me."

    Zhang Yang seemed very confident that Lin Yiqian had feelings for him since they were children.

    'I don't care what you say. I know she likes me. She must like me.' He thought.

    Lin Yiqian felt so hopeless that she pressed her hand to her forehead. "Zhang Yang, did Director Zhang or Director Chen give you the script for what you are saying now?"

    The audience was stunned.

    "Hmph." Zhang Yang snorted. "Don't be afraid to admit it in front of Gu Nianshen. If you didn't like me, why did you always sneak over to our class during the period we were about to graduate? You would always hide outside the window. I remember that you were even crying on the last day before we left."

    Lin Yiqian did not know how to respond to his accusation.
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