73 Shes Not Only Blind But Has Moral Issues Too!

    Qi Shaodong immediately turned on the engine.

    As they drove past Lin Yiqian's car, she was just about to enter her own car. She did not even turn to look at them.

    Consequently, Gu Nianshen shifted his gaze away as well.

    As if he had thought of something, Gu Nianshen suddenly asked, "Who are Daniel Wu, Eddie Peng, and Turbo Liu?"

    Were these not the names Lin Yiqian had used earlier?

    Not only did Qi Shaodong's boss heard them, he even cared about who they were.

    Qi Shaodong pondered before carefully replying. "I think they are people who look like celebrities. I'm not too sure. Perhaps you could check them out on the internet."


    Gu Nianshen rolled his eyes at Qi Shaodong. However, he secretly retrieved his phone from his pocket.

    The first thing he searched for was 'Daniel Wu from Shanghai'. News and pictures of Daniel Wu immediately appeared on the screen. The person looked as if he had a mixed heritage. However, Gu Nianshen could not tell which race he belonged to.

    'Average looks!' He thought.

    Gu Nianshen immediately closed the tabs on Daniel Wu. Then, he typed in Eddie Peng's name and pressed on the search button. The first picture that appeared was Eddie Peng with his eight-pack abs clearly visible. There were even drops of sweat on his chest.

    There was nothing attractive about the man's looks.

    Lin Yiqian was indeed blind!

    Finally, Gu Nianshen searched for Turbo Liu. As soon as he saw the picture of Turbo Liu, he felt that Lin Yiqian had moral issues.

    'Does this kid even look like an adult?

    'How could she possibly be attracted to a teenager? Absolutely embarrassing!' He thought.

    "These are all celebrity-wannabes. They are nothing compared to you, boss," Qi Shaodong said all of a sudden.

    As Gu Nianshen's thoughts were interrupted, he subconsciously put his phone down. "Focus on driving."

    He behaved as if he did not care. On the other hand, Qi Shaodong chuckled as he was very certain that Gu Nianshen would one day show his affection for Lin Yiqian openly.


    Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian had become the most popular couple on the internet.

    The incident in the afternoon had stayed on the most searched lists on the internet. With the title of 'Tall and handsome man managed by wife', it was hard not to draw attention.

    Every Friday, Li Nanmu would organize a gathering after school. Even after everyone had grown up and were busy with work in different areas, Li Nanmu and his two closest friends would still show up every single time.

    As Gu Nianshen needed to work overtime and would be late, the rest of them waited for him in a luxurious clubhouse that they had rented. The room in the clubhouse had marble furnishings that reflected the dim light within.

    The clubhouse included all sorts of amenities such as an indoor gym and a game room. Indeed, it was the most luxurious clubhouse around.

    As soon as Gu Nianshen entered the room, he could see Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu sitting on the couch. They were both laughing as they looked at something on a single phone.

    When the two noticed that Gu Nianshen had arrived, Li Nanmu immediately put the phone down and stood up to greet him. "Gu Nianshen, you've only been married for a few days. Why did you let Lin Yiqian manipulate you? I can't believe you don't even have thirty bucks to spend. Please don't tell other people that we are acquainted."

    Absolute disappointment!

    Gu Nianshen frowned. "Don't you recognize your great grandfather?"

    "Get lost!" Li Nanmu's facial expression turned gloomy.

    That was the most embarrassing trap Li Nanmu had ever fallen for. He swore that he would never make a losing bet in front of Gu Nianshen again.

    Li Nanmu gritted his teeth before looking at Gu Nianshen again. "Was it true?"
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