75 You Are More Obedient Than My Dog

    However, this was unusual in Gu Nianshen's case.

    'Forget it.' Li Nanmu thought. He was in no place to challenge these two men.

    Li Nanmu stepped away and approached Qi Wuyue instead. "Why do I feel that Gu Nianshen has feelings for Lin Yiqian?" He asked softly.

    "He married a woman who had slept with his uncle. Wouldn't you feel weird about it?"

    Qi Wuyue was getting annoyed with Li Nanmu. "How could you be dumb enough to invite both of them?"

    Gu Nianshen and Song Changlin were known to despise each other somewhat in the past. Now, things were even more awkward between the two of them.

    "We have been friends with Changlin for over a decade. Although we have all gone after Lin Yiqian in the past, he was the only one who managed to pursue her. That's based on his own ability. We can't let her affect our friendship," Li Nanmu said with a hurt expression.

    He had done it with good intentions.

    Originally, Li Nanmu thought that Gu Nianshen would apologize to Song Changlin for stealing Lin Yiqian away from him.

    However, the meeting had not gone as expected. If Li Nanmu had not known that Gu Nianshen had hated Lin Yiqian since they were kids, he would have actually thought that the two men were fighting over that woman.

    "You truly are dumb." Qi Wuyue snorted.

    Was Li Nanmu truly oblivious to all the gossips?

    The fact that an uncle's girlfriend had been taken away by his nephew and that they had both slept with the same woman...

    Gu Nianshen was a man who cared a lot about his own reputation. There was little doubt that he hated Song Changlin for not marrying Lin Yiqian after all these years. If Song Changlin had done so, Grandfather Gu would not have been able to force Gu Nianshen to marry her.

    Right after Li Nanmu had just been insulted by Gu Nianshen and Song Changlin, Qi Wuyue was calling him dumb.

    Li Nanmu felt like he was a piece of mat that could be stepped on by just anyone. "Qi Wuyue, why don't you scold me again?"

    He pointed at Qi Wuyue in a provoking manner.

    "Dumb!" Qi Wuyue was not intimidated.

    "Scold me again."

    The two were getting louder as the conversation became more and more heated.

    Gu Nianshen and Song Changlin had shifted their attention to the two men in a heated argument.

    Li Nanmu's finger was getting so close to Qi Wuyue's face that the two would soon touch each other. "You're way too dumb." Qi Wuyue was still not afraid.

    "Haha! Qi Wuyue, you are more obedient than my dog. You'll do whatever I say."

    Li Nanmu dropped his hand as he smiled. He had succeeded with his plan.

    Qi Wuyue was as speechless as Gu Nianshen and Song Changlin.

    Feeling that he had managed to trick Qi Wuyue, Li Nanmu seemed very impressed with himself. Without checking the expressions of those around him, he immediately walked over to the coffee table and picked up a bottle of wine.

    "Let the party begin! I've requested some pretty ladies to accompany us," Li Nanmu said as he put down the bottle and clapped his hands together.

    The door was opened as eight tall and beautiful ladies walked in. Each of them had fair complexions as well as slender figures.

    There was another man who had come in and stood before them. On his shirt was a tag that read 'manager'. As he stood in front of Li Nanmu, he began to announce, "Mr. Li, these are the most beautiful ladies here."

    The women immediately waved at Gu Nianshen and the rest. "Hello, handsome gentlemen."

    Their voices were as pleasant as their appearances. Clearly, they would have won the hearts of nerds everywhere.

    However, the men in the room did not seem to be too impressed.
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