77 His Wife

    Lin Yiqian was on her way downstairs to get water from the kitchen when she saw Aunt Zhou who seemed to be in a heated discussion with another servant. "What's going on?" Lin Yiqian asked confusedly.

    "Yiqian, did we wake you?"

    Aunt Zhou had served in the Gu family for many years. She was older than Gu Nianshen's mother and would always address Gu Nianshen and Gu Nianjia by their first names.

    Clearly, she treated Lin Yiqian the same way.

    "No. I just came down to get water," Lin Yiqian replied with a smile as she shook her head.

    "Mr. Li had just called to tell us that Gu Nianshen is drunk. He had asked for Housekeeper Wu to pick him up. However, Housekeeper Wu had accidentally hurt his foot and can't make it. I'll get another driver to pick Mr. Gu up," Aunt Zhou said.

    When Lin Yiqian heard this, she immediately responded. "Where is he? I'll pick him up."

    "It's too late. I'll get the driver to pick him up," Aunt Zhou said with a concerned look on her face.

    "It's alright. I'll only have to drive."

    Before Aunt Zhou could say anything else, Lin Yiqian returned to her room to get changed.

    As she walked downstairs, she fished for the Mercedes-Benz's key in her pocket.

    "Let me get someone to accompany you." Aunt Zhou was still concerned.

    "It's alright. I'll be fine."

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly ran toward the door as soon as she arrived downstairs.


    Lin Yiqian knew which club Gu Nianshen and the others were at. She had once gone to the same club with Song Changlin.

    That was also the first time she understood that she should not forcefully try to fit in with other people.

    At this hour, there were barely any cars on the road. The only instances when she had to stop were due to traffic lights.

    When she arrived at the club, there was still music being played loudly as crowds continued to fill the dance floor.

    Entering the VIP area was like going into a different world. The interiors of the VIP lounge were designed lavishly with marble floors and shiny mirrors in every corner. One's reflections could be seen from every direction as one walked on the pathway.

    After walking past several VIP rooms, Lin Yiqian finally found the one Gu Nianshen and the others were in.

    When she arrived at the door, she reached for the handle to open it. However, a waiter stopped her from doing so. "Miss, this is a VIP lounge. Who are you looking for?"

    "Gu Nianshen," Lin Yiqian replied.

    When he heard that Lin Yiqian was here to look for Gu Nianshen, the waiter replied with a much more respectful tone. "May I ask who you are? They usually do not let anyone into their VIP room."

    "I'm his wife."

    Even Lin Yiqian was taken aback by her own response.

    That was a powerful title.

    The waiter did not dare to keep her waiting as he immediately pushed the door open for her.

    His wife...

    When the waiter heard Lin Yiqian's answer, it suddenly occurred to him that he should alert the men in the room. However, the words could not come out.

    The waiter slowly stepped away until his feet touched the wall as he lifted his head.

    The corners of Lin Yiqian's mouth lifted as she chuckled.


    As the door opened, Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue were both surprised to find Lin Yiqian standing before them.

    "Lin Yiqian, why are you here?"

    "Why can't I be here?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    She was able to see Gu Nianshen lying down on the couch as soon as she entered the room. One of his legs was still on the ground. Clearly, he was not feeling his best.

    Lin Yiqian wanted nothing more than to carry him home right away.

    "Are you here for Changlin? He's gone outside for some fresh air," Li Nanmu suddenly asked when Lin Yiqian had already walked over to Gu Nianshen and was about to help him get up.

    'Is Changlin here too?' She immediately wondered.

    As she pondered, Gu Nianshen suddenly got up on his own and pounced at Li Nanmu as he grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt.
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