79 Lack of Basic Emotions

    Since they were home, somebody would look after him.

    Gu Nianshen sat in the car as he observed Lin Yiqian walking away hastily. It was as if she did not want to spend even a second longer with him than necessary. Gu Nianshen angrily punched the seat in front of him.

    He felt a burning sensation in front of his chest which caused him to tug at his collar forcefully. The buttons were instantly torn away.

    As he leaned back into the seat, he stared at the roof of the car with his bloodshot eyes.

    Having returned to her room, Lin Yiqian was getting ready to take a shower when her phone beeped. It was a message from Song Changlin. "Are you home?"

    "Yes." She replied.

    She immediately put the phone down as she walked to the bathroom.

    Right then, the bedroom door opened as a man walked drunkenly into the room toward her.

    With his hair all messed up and marks of red wine on his shirt, it seemed that he had even lost a few buttons on his shirt as one side of his collar bones was revealed.

    As he got closer to Lin Yiqian, she subconsciously approached him.

    "Lin Yiqian, remember this. My mother and my grandmother are still with the Song family. You can give up on Song Changlin."

    As Gu Nianshen was almost one meter away from Lin Yiqian, he suddenly stopped and looked at Lin Yiqian in disdain.

    His cold tone made Lin Yiqian stop in her tracks as she hugged the clothes in her hands tightly to her chest.

    Having calmed herself down, Lin Yiqian murmured a soft 'yes' before stepping away silently.

    In Gu Nianshen's eyes, her lack of response was perceived as a sort of indifference on her part.

    "Get lost!" He roared.

    He immediately regretted shouting at her.

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian still behaved very calmly.

    After nodding, she picked her phone up and slowly walked out of the room.

    Was she so indifferent that she would not even display any emotion to him?

    Gu Nianshen clenched his fists tightly before relaxing them again. He walked shakily to the couch before falling onto it.

    By the time he woke up, the sun was already up. He realized that he had really drunk too much.

    As soon as he opened his eyes, a headache set in. The uneasiness slowly faded away after he had taken a shower.

    Having changed into clean clothes, he walked out of his room and stopped in front of Lin Yiqian's bedroom.

    Right then, the door opened. Subconsciously, he turned away as he started to walk away.

    However, it was not Lin Yiqian who walked out of the room. Instead, it was Aunt Zhou. "Nianshen, you're up."

    Gu Nianshen stopped walking and peered into the room.

    Aunt Zhou could figure out what he was trying to do. "Yiqian had woken up early in the morning and would have gone out by now."

    "Last night, Mr. Li had called to say that you had too much to drink and asked Housekeeper Wu to pick you up. However, Housekeeper Wu's leg had been injured. Lin Yiqian had gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to pick you up instead. She barely slept," Aunt Zhou said pitifully.

    "What did you say?" Gu Nianshen asked with a surprised tone.

    His eyes were wide open as if he was nervous or overwhelmed.

    "Did I... say something wrong?"

    "Did you say Lin Yiqian had gone to... pick me up?" Gu Nianshen asked.

    "Yeah, she was the one who had brought you home. Don't you remember?" Aunt Zhou asked in confusion.
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