81 I Agree With All Decisions Made By Her

    As Gu Nianshen's eyes landed on the swing beneath the rose vine frame, a smile appeared on his face. His stare appeared to have softened somewhat.

    "Nianshen, have a seat," Lin Tianwan said welcomingly after they had entered the house.

    Having looked around the house, Gu Nianshen appeared disappointed.

    She had not come home.

    "Why isn't Yiqian with you?" Lin Tianwan asked.

    "I'm here to talk about the Lin family's business," Gu Nianshen said calmly.

    Lin Tianwas did not know how to respond.

    "Transfer 70% of the company's shares to Lin Yiqian. If you agree, I will get the lawyer to prepare to contract for you to sign. Once that's done, I'll take care of the rest," Gu Nianshen continued.

    "Are you going to help the Lin family?" Lin Tianwan sounded surprised and confused at the same time.

    "I'm heping the Lin family for my own reasons. It has nothing to do with you," Gu Nianshen said coldly.

    "I know you are doing this for Yiqian, but..."


    Gu Nianshen raised his brows as he waited for Lin Tianwan to continue speaking.

    "This morning, Yiqian came over to sign a contract with us. She had bought over the Lin family's business with 300 million dollars," Lin Tianwan said.

    "What did you just say?" Gu Nianshen was shocked.

    Right then, Jiang Yuexiang walked over with two cups of tea and placed them in front of the men. "Nianshen, have some tea."

    Gu Nianshen immediately looked cool again.

    "Please call me Mr. Gu." He gave Jiang Yuexiang the side-eye.

    "Alright... Yes." Jiang Yuexiang smiled awkwardly as her face became red.

    Gu Nianshen ignored her while seeming completely uninterested in drinking the tea she had offered.

    "Didn't you know that Lin Yiqian had bought the family business?" Lin Tianwan looked at Gu Nianshen.

    "I agree with all the decisions made by her," Gu Nianshen said as he walked over to a wall with medals and trophies decorated all over it.

    Lin Tianwan peered at Gu Nianshen suspiciously as he sat on the couch.

    Gu Nianshen stopped in front of the wall as he scanned through the awards. Meanwhile, Lin Tianwan joined him by his side. "These are all Lin Yiqian's achievements from the time she was in the sixth grade."

    The wall was fully decorated with awards. Half of them belonged to Lin Yiqian while the other half belonged to Jiang Mo, Jiang Yuexiang's son.

    Lin Tianwan pointed at Lin Yiqian's awards as he looked at Gu Nianshen. He could tell that Gu Nianshen was particularly focused on one of her awards.

    It was the scholarship award Lin Yiqian had acquired when she entered her third year in high school.

    "This child has always surprised her mother and me. She was still in the bottom fifty of her grade when she first started high school. However, by the end of the second year, she had managed to get into her grade's top thirty," Lin Tianwan continued.

    To Lin Tianwan's surprise, Gu Nianshen appeared very calm and patient when he talked about Lin Yiqian.

    "Despite her great improvement, she still cried when she entered her third year of high school. She blamed herself for not doing well enough," Lin Tianwan said as he continued to observe Gu Nianshen's facial expression.

    By the third year of high school, students were placed in different classes. Only the top twenty-five students could enter the first class. Lin Yiqian must have wanted to join the first class.

    As Gu Nianshen listened to Lin Tianwan's descriptions of Lin Yiqian's past, he pondered about some things.
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