83 Let Me Help You Ou

    'Hmm...' Was Lin Yiqian ever emotionally attached to Gu Nianshen?

    None of the advice people had given him on the internet worked for Gu Nianshen. He was beginning to doubt their credibility as relationship experts.

    Gu Nianshen was very annoyed as he prepared to switch his phone off. However, another message popped up just as he was about to do so.

    It was from a user called Little Bomberman. 'Brother, let me help you out. Each time my girlfriend got upset, I would buy her food which she liked. Most women like spicy strips and hot soup. In my girlfriend's case, whenever I buy her these foods, she would cling onto me and say that I am a wonderful boyfriend. In fact, she would even want to sleep with me afterwards.'

    'What the heck?' Gu Nianshen thought.

    Were spicy strips and hot soup enough to get one's girlfriend to forgive him? Would that not be too easy?

    'No way. Lin Yiqian was not like normal women.' Gu Nianshen had never seen her consume spicy strips or hot soup in his life.


    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen heard the sound of a door being opened across the walkway. When he looked over, it was Lin Yiqian's room.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian walked out of the room, Gu Nianshen saw her and immediately locked his phone and put it away.

    On the other hand, Lin Yiqian paused when she saw Gu Nianshen as a confused expression appeared on her face.

    "I'm coming over to get my laptop charger," she said calmly.

    As she spoke, she casually walked toward Gu Nianshen's room and passed him by.

    Ever since she had used the desk in the room, Gu Nianshen had not gone near it. Things were left on the desk exactly as before. However, there was not much stuff on the desk, to begin with.

    After retrieving her charger, Lin Yiqian immediately started walking out of the room.

    Gu Nianshen was still standing by the door when she passed him by again. A delicate scent lingered. Gu Nianshen was distracted for a split second as he pondered whether the scent was from her shampoo or her body wash.

    As his gaze followed after Lin Yiqian, he noticed how her recently washed hair dangled behind her back. From the way she walked and how her hips swayed from side to side, she seemed even more attractive than usual.

    Noticing such tiny details about her made him feel even more restless. Gu Nianshen hurriedly shifted his gaze away as the door was closed behind Lin Yiqian.

    Gu Nianshen suddenly realized that he had been holding his breath the whole time as he finally let it out gently.

    'Whenever I buy her these foods, she would cling on to me and say that I am a wonderful boyfriend...'

    'Oh, it's Qiansi's chocolates.'

    'Give it to me then.'

    'Pretend that you've thrown it away.'

    In all honesty, Lin Yiqian was not completely uninterested in food. Gu Nianshen only needed to figure out what her favorite food was.

    As he thought about it, he suddenly felt an urge to head out. Without a moment's hesitation, Gu Nianshen immediately stepped out of his room and ran downstairs.

    Coincidentally, he bumped into Aunt Zhou who had just gone out to dispose of the garbage when he put on his shoes.

    "Nianshen, it's late already. Are you still heading out?" She asked.


    Gu Nianshen called out as he continued to run outside.

    "Drive slowly."


    By the time Lin Yiqian had finished reading through the program overview Bai Se sent to her, it was already ten o'clock in the evening.

    After finishing up with her skincare routine, she was ready to go to bed. However, there was suddenly a scratching sound by the door.

    Without a doubt, it must be Gu Xiaoxiao.

    Lin Yiqian's lips curled up as she opened the door. It was indeed Gu Xiaoxiao who was kneeling down quietly in front of the door. Similar to the previous occasion, there was a sandwich and a glass of milk on the tray in front of Gu Xiaoxiao. Unlike before, however, the tray was filled with many other types of food.

    The first thing that caught her attention was the dumpling set meal from Ming Ji's Cafe.
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