84 You Actually Fed It to The Dog!

    Lin Yiqian was very surprised.

    She had not eaten at Ming Ji's Cafe for many years. Back when she was still attending primary school, she used to eat there almost every day. However, she had never gone back after entering high school. Although she wanted to go there on several occassions, she was always too lazy to actually do it.

    "Xiaoxiao, who had made you deliver these to me?"

    Lin Yiqian squatted down as she checked out the food in the tray. Apart from the two boxes of dumplings, there were some spicy strips.


    Who would buy her such food meant for children?

    Lin Yiqian picked up one of the spicy strips with a confused expression on her face.

    Woof! Woof!

    Gu Xiaoxiao suddenly barked as it turned around and ran toward the staircase. It seemed to have a clear objective in mind.

    Lin Yiqian immediately got up and followed after it.

    As soon as she arrived at the staircase, she could see a man sitting on the couch. Although she appeared surprised by the person she saw, she also seemed disappointed at the same time.

    She knew it. It could not have been Gu Nianshen.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she looked at the tray of food in her hands.


    Song Changlin saw Gu Xiaoxiao and called out to it. When Xiaoxiao heard his voice, it ran toward Song Changlin.

    Gu Xiaoxiao had pounced onto Song Changlin like a child who had not seen his father for a very long time.

    It was a heart-warming scene.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she observed the two. As there were servants downstairs, she did not bother going down to greet Song Changlin.

    It was probably a better idea to text him afterward.

    Having made up her mind, Lin Yiqian carried the tray of food back to her room.

    In all honesty, she was not feeling hungry at all. However, she could not resist having a taste of the food she liked the most. It had been five years since she last had a meal from this restaurant. To her surprise, the food tasted exactly the way she remembered it. Most importantly, there was not a hint of onion in the dumplings.

    Lin Yiqian had never liked onions. Therefore, whenever her mother brought her out to eat, she would always make sure the chef made two servings of dumplings without any onions in them. Otherwise, Lin Yiqian's mother would always make an order in advance.

    Apart from Lin Yiqian's mother, Song Changlin was the only person who knew her this well.

    She was suddenly feeling very nostalgic.

    However, after a moment, Lin Yiqian realized what she was doing and immediately put the chopsticks down as she placed the lid back on the tray. Then, she started walking out of the room with the tray in her hands.

    Regardless of how delicious the food was, she needed to control herself. If her voice was her primary advantage, her physical figure was her secondary advantage.

    Worried that the smell of food might linger in her room, Lin Yiqian intended to place the tray of food by the door. She would then call a servant to pick it up later.

    However, to her surprise, she found Gu Xiaoxiao pacing back and forth in front of Gu Nianshen's room. It was making soft noises as if it was asking for attention.

    What was the dog up to?

    Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly. Right then, Gu Xiaoxiao noticed Lin Yiqian and immediately wagged its tail as it trotted toward her.

    As soon as it arrived in front of Lin Yiqian, it extended its neck to sniff at the box of dumplings in her hand.

    'Oh yeah, there aren't any onions in the dumplings. Xiaoxiao could eat some.' She thought.

    "Here you go, Xiaoxiao," Lin Yiqian said as she placed the box of dumplings on the ground.

    In that instant, Gu Nianshen suddenly opened the door to his room. Lin Yiqian heard the sound and immediately turned her head to look at him.

    Gu Nianshen was about to walk out of the room when he saw Gu Xiaoxiao eating the dumplings. His facial expression immediately turned gloomy.

    "You actually fed it to the dog!" Gu Nianshen exclaimed as he clenched his fists tightly. He was trying very hard not to hit the wall with his fists.

    As Lin Yiqian was not observing him closely, she thought he was concerned about Gu Xiaoxiao not being able to eat dumplings. "There aren't any onions in these dumplings. It'll be fine for the dog to have a little bit of it," she hurriedly explained.

    Gu Nianshen was speechless.

    He knew that the dumplings did not have any onions in them and that it was fine for the dog to have some.


    As Gu Xiaoxiao continued to eat the dumplings, Gu Nianshen gritted his teeth. It felt almost as if Gu Xiaoxiao was biting at his heart.
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