85 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    'Damn. The darned dog is actually eating the food!' Gu Nianshen could not believe his eyes.

    Lin Yiqian did not look at Gu Nianshen as she continued to pet Gu Xiaoxiao. "Do you like it?"

    Gu Xiaoxiao wagged its tail. Clearly, it was enjoying the food. After it had finished the food in the container, it started sniffing at Lin Yiqian's hands. Gu Xiaoxiao wanted more.

    As Lin Yiqian could not resist its puppy eyes, she opened the box and gave Gu Xiaoxiao two more dumplings.

    Gu Nianshen held his breath as he tried to control his temper. Then, he decided to turn around.

    'Out of sight, out of mind.' He tried to calm himself down.


    If Lin Yiqian had a choice, she would have decided not to enter this house.

    'Let's get this over and done with.' She thought.

    As she entered a new password she had never used before, the auto gate opened.

    While walking through the gate, she noticed the familiar surrounding.

    As hard as she tried, Lin Yiqian could not resist nostalgia. Her fingers tightened around her purse.

    There was a familiar black Mercedes-Benz parked in the courtyard which immediately caught her attention.

    A cool smile appeared on her face.

    "Yiqian. You have finally returned. Your uncle has missed you dearly." A man around the age of fifty walked out of the house urgently when he saw Lin Yiqian.

    There were a few familiar faces behind him.

    Lin Yiqian stopped as she faced her uncle, Lin Tianxi. "It appears that I am still rather significant to you." She sounded as cold as ice.

    "You are the most accomplished person in our family. Of course, you are significant." He chuckled.

    As he spoke, he turned around and waved at a young lady behind him. "Yuqing, why don't you come over and greet your cousin?"

    The young lady was around the age of twenty. She was dressed in a loose white t-shirt and short denim pants. As her pants were very short, her long slender legs were fully visible.

    The young lady was Lin Tianxi's youngest daughter, Lin Yuqing. As the youngest child in the family, Lin Yuqing was showered with love by the entire family.

    "Sister Yiqian," She called out lazily as she approached Lin Yiqian.

    Then, Lin Yuqing immediately turned away and ignored Lin Yiqian.

    On the other hand, Lin Yiqian did not even respond to Lin Yuqing. Without even looking at Lin Yuqing, she turned to look at Lin Tianwan. "I don't think you'd be in the mood to discuss things with me now. You'd best be attending to your guests," Lin Yiqian said as she started walking away.

    However, all of a sudden, Lin Yuqing stood in her way. "Lin Yiqian, please be mindful of your manners with the elderly." She fumed.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression immediately turned gloomy. It felt as if blood had been drained out of her face.

    "Yuqing, this has nothing to do with you. Why don't you play with your phone in the house?" Lin Tianxi hurriedly interrupted.

    As he spoke, he started pulling Lin Yuqing out of the way.

    Although Lin Yuqing initially would have walked away, she noticed Lin Yiqian's snobbish demeanor and immediately retorted. "Who do you think you are? Just because you're married to Gu Nianshen doesn't mean you are better than everyone else. Someone like you who had eloped with another man doesn't deserve Gu Nianshen at all," she said pointing at Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Tianxi could not stop her in time. Despite raising his hand with an apparent attempt to cover her mouth, he did not actually do it. In the end, he gave Lin Yuqing a warning through his glaring eyes.

    Then, he turned to face Lin Yiqian as if he was about to say something. However, before he could do so, Lin Yiqian spoke out of turn. "Firstly, you can think of yourself as a lowly person, but you shouldn't think of someone the same way."
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