86 The Person Happens To Be Me

    Lin Yiqian stared at Lin Yuqing as she spoke.

    Lin Tianxi's facial expression immediately changed when he heard Lin Yiqian's words.

    Even Lin Tianwan felt that it was a little too much. "Yiqian, how could you speak to your cousin in such a way?"

    Lin Yiqian ignored Lin Tianwan as she continued to stare at Lin Yuqing. "Secondly, whether I deserve Gu Nianshen or not is none of your business. I am his legitimate wife and there is nothing you can do about it."

    Lin Yiqian sounded somewhat pleased with herself, which made Lin Yuqing even more jealous and envious of her. "Gu Nianshen doesn't like you at all. The person he likes is... Hmm..." Before Lin Yuqing could finish her sentence, Lin Tianxi had placed his hand over her mouth.

    "Lin Yuqing, shut up. Stop being impolite," Lin Tianxi said in a reprimanding tone.

    He then turned to face Lin Yiqian with an apologetic expression. "Yiqian, please don't mind your cousin. I've spoiled her too much."

    Lin Yiqian yawned before replying in a lazy tone. "Uncle, you're not wrong for spoiling her as that's what all parents do."

    She paused for a moment as she angrily glared at Lin Yuqing before a sly smile appeared on her face. "However, she'd better not think of everyone as her parent."

    Lin Yiqian had never liked Lin Yuqing. Whatever Lin Yiqian possessed, Lin Yuqing would ask their grandmother to give her the same thing.

    Even as their grandmother lay sick in bed and was about to pass away, Lin Yiqiang still complained to her that she had not been fair in her will.

    Lin Tianxi seemed awfully miserable at this point as Lin Yiqian's words hit him like a truck.

    Meanwhile, Lin Tianwan was throwing glances at Lin Tianxi as if trying to hint at something.

    Lin Yiqian quietly observed everyone's facial expression without saying a word.

    As Lin Tianxi was deeply upset, he would no longer beat around the bush with Lin Yiqian. "I am here today not to get advice from you on the topic of parenting."

    Sensing Lin Yiqian's high and mighty attitude, Lin Tianxi clenched his fists tightly as he continued to speak. "I am here to tell you not to be so merciless to your father. You must at least give him 50% of the company."

    "Ha!" Lin Yiqian felt as if she had just heard the funniest joke in the world. "Have you given the Lin family any financial of physical support during such hard times? Is that why you are so confident in telling me what to do?"

    Lin Yiqian raised her brows in a teasing manner.

    Consequently, Lin Tianwan's facial expression became even gloomier. He was not to be insulted this way in front of so many people. "Since you are being so crude, I'll speak in a straightforward manner. The company can't fully belong to you. You must at least give 50% of it to your younger brother..."

    "I don't have a younger brother!" Lin Yiqian cut him off. She was so aggravated that her voice cracked when she spoke the last two words.

    "If that's the case, I will sell grandmother's old house. Someone has taken a liking to it." Lin Tianxi snorted.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian's facial expression immediately changed. Her hands trembled as they rested on her sides. When she saw the cunning smile on Lin Tianxi's face, she was tempted to slap him right there and then.

    'This was a dowry gift from your great grandmother to me. I will give it to you, Yiqian, when you get married.' Lin Yiqian remembered the exact words her grandmother had said to her.

    However, in order to appease Lin Yuqing, their grandmother had decided to give the house to Lin Yuqing instead.

    Lin Yiqian felt as if she was about to lose control of her temper. Right then, a familiar voice of a man could be heard from outside. "What a coincidence. The person who has taken a liking to the house happens to be me."
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