88 It is Inappropriate to Bully A Single Person

    As Gu Nianshen spoke, he turned to face Lin Yiqian with a warm smile. "I was going to ask if you owe this person a lot of money. He seemed like he was going to devour you."

    A coldness momentarily appeared in his eyes as he spoke the last few words in the sentence.

    When Li Yiqian saw such a reaction, she was slightly surprised but also slightly warmed by it.

    Right then, she did not want to think about any of the disturbing thoughts in the mind. Instead, she forced herself to focus on the fact that Gu Nianshen was on her side.

    The mood in the room had clearly been dampened.

    Lin Tianwan eagerly tried to salvage the situation. "Actually, her uncle cares about Yiqian a lot. He was only joking earlier."

    Gu Nianshen's heart sank. "You may imagine that I have a lot of money. However, please don't think of me as a dumb person."

    As his gaze swept around the room, everyone felt chills down their spines.

    They subconsciously retracted their necks just a little.

    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen raised his hand and rested it on Lin Yiqian's shoulder as he turned to face Lin Tianxi and Lin Tianwan. "I think it is inappropriate for so many of you to bully a single person from the Gu family. Don't you think so?"

    As he spoke, he gently curved his wrist and pulled Lin Yiqian into his arms.

    When her head rested against Gu Nianshen's chest, she could smell the calming scent on his body.

    Regardless of how strong she was and how cold-blooded she presented herself to others, her resilient facade would always crumble in front of him.

    Gu Nianshen's words had thoroughly frightened Lin Tianwan. He immediately waved his hands. "Nianshen, you have misunderstood us. We were really just chatting with Yiqian about things at home."

    In the past, Lin Tianwan would not have spoken to Gu Nianshen in such a relenting manner. However, the Lin family now depended on the Gu family for survival. Therefore, he did not have a choice but to swallow his own pride.

    When Lin Tianxi saw how Lin Tianwan was bowing down to Gu Nianshen, he felt extremely upset. However, he knew as clearly as Lin Tianwan that they needed to depend on the Gu family.

    They had asked Lin Yiqian for some of the company's shares only because she had the backing of the Gu family, which meant that the Lin family could potentially regain their footing in the business. Otherwise, there was no point in having a stake in the company as it owed a large amount of debt.

    Therefore, they would all have to give in to Gu Nianshen.

    Everyone became silent for a while.

    "Were you referring to the old house in the western suburbs?" Gu Nianshen suddenly asked.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian recalled that Gu Nianshen had claimed to be the person interested in making the purchase.

    Did he genuinely mean it?

    Lin Yiqian raised her head to look at Gu Nianshen.

    She truly hoped that he meant it. If he owned it, there was a chance she could get it back. However, if the house belonged to the Lin family, she might not stand a chance. In fact, they may even do worse things such as destroying it altogether.

    "Yes," Lin Tianxi replied unwillingly.

    He had wanted to blackmail Lin Yiqian with the old house. However, if the buyer was Gu Nianshen, he would not be able to do so.

    Gu Nianshen smiled as he slowly replied. "That's the one I want to buy then. Since we're all part of the same family, why don't you get the contract signed immediately? I believe you'll give me close to 80% discount for the purchase."

    Lin Yiqian was surprised.

    She turned around to stare at the man standing next to her. Right then, he seemed to be shameless.

    Truly shameless!

    However, she was very pleased with this shamelessness.

    Lin Tianxi's face was flushed. He could not take this any longer.

    All of a sudden, Lin Yuqing got closer to Gu Nianshen. "Brother-in-law, do you like that house? My grandmother had given it to me as my dowry."
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