92 Speak Louder And Be More Confiden

    That was not possible. Song Changlin was not the type of person who liked to show off. Moreover, he would probably be more careful based on his current status.

    "Your rich husband came last night." The owner paused for a moment to think. "The smart kid from primary school back then came over to buy two boxes of dumplings without onions. Didn't he buy them for you?"

    Lin Yiqian was about to ponder further upon the fact that Gu Nianshen had bought her dumplings when a languorous voice was heard by the entrance. "Mister, my dog loved your dumplings. Give me two more boxes. Don't forget that dogs can't eat onions."

    The owner suddenly felt awkward.

    As he turned to look at Lin Yiqian, he chuckled to himself.

    'I'm sorry, lady. I didn't mean to call you a dog. It did not occur to me that you shared the common trait of not eating onions with your dog. It just so happened that your husband was the one who had made the purchase.' He thought.

    Lin Yiqian smiled politely at the owner of the stall before turning to look at Gu Nianshen.

    She was in a state of disbelief that he had bought those dumplings last night...

    Before she could ask anything, Gu Nianshen started to speak. "Gu Nianjia said that the dog can't eat onions. She specifically asked me to buy the dumplings without onions. However, you had eaten the dumplings before Gu Xiaoxiao had the chance to do so."

    He had spoken very loudly and sounded extremely confident at the same time.

    As he talked, he continued to walk toward Lin Yiqian at a natural pace.

    'So he bought the dumplings for Xiaoxiao... That can't be right... Why did Xiaoxiao deliver them to her?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    "Did Xiaoxiao put the dumplings on the tray on its own?" She looked at Gu Nianshen.

    Gu Nianshen's frown deepened. "Aunt Zhou told me that you had not eaten dinner. She sounded as if I was treating you more poorly than the dog."

    Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself as she heard this.

    Gu Nianshen seemed to care about the dog more than he did about her. He had even bought dumplings from Ming Ji's Deli for it.

    However, he did not even think about Lin Yiqian. Fortunately for Lin Yiqian, she was able to eat the dumplings he bought because of Aunt Zhou.

    "Did you buy the spicy strips too?" Lin Yiqian suddenly recalled.

    Xiaoxiao definitely could not eat those.

    There was a tinge of hope in her eyes.

    'Darn!' Gu Nianshen had completely forgotten about the spicy strips.

    "I had bought them for Nianjia as she was coming home. I left everything there. It must have been Aunt Zhou who had put them on the tray," he said with a frown.

    Gu Nianshen decided that he would find out which idiot had given him the advice of buying food. All his efforts had gone to waste.

    Lin Yiqian's eyes grew dimmer as she sighed. "Oh."

    She was overthinking things.

    She was smiling when she lifted her head. Gu Nianshen was still standing in front of her. With his tall and large body frame, it was difficult not to feel his presence.

    "They serve beef noodles here as well. If you don't mind, you can have a bowl of it," Lin Yiqian said.

    Unexpectedly, he actually agreed. Although he still sounded somewhat proud, at least he did not reject her offer.

    Lin Yiqian felt slightly surprised.

    "Would you like to add on a bowl of beef noodles?" The owner asked, uncertainly.

    "I guess..." Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianshen, questioningly.

    "Yeah," Gu Nianshen replied softly as he sat down on a stool in front of Lin Yiqian.

    He reached for some tissue before patiently wiping the table.

    Despite the slight frown on his face that conveyed a certain unwillingness, Lin Yiqian actually found him rather adorable as she looked at him from across the table.
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