94 You Are Very Embarrassing

    'But how did he know?' Lin Yiqian wondered.

    "Did Changlin tell you?" Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly as she looked at Gu Nianshen.

    Had he overreacted because he was worried about her?

    Lin Yiqian told herself that she should not have too much hope. However, she always failed to keep her hopes down. Even if it were a pure coincidence, she hoped that he did actually notice small details about her.

    "I think so. It's been so long. I can't really remember," Gu Nianshen said nonchalantly as he sat down and changed the topic of conversation. "Don't you want to go to the hospital to get it checked?"

    His hands were trembling and he nearly reached out to touch her.

    Lin Yiqian shook her head dismissively. "It's alright. The alcohol content is very little. It's just a slight allergic reaction."

    'Stop thinking! Stop thinking!' Lin Yiqian repeated to herself in her mind.

    She took a deep breath before turning to look at the owner's wife. "Could you get me some ice cubes?"

    "Will chilled water do?"

    "Sure." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    The owner's wife hurriedly grabbed two bottles of chilled water and handed them to Lin Yiqian.

    As soon as the bottles were in Lin Yiqian's hands, she placed them on both sides of her face and felt instant relief from the cool sensation.

    With a slight frown, she lifted the bottles away before placing them on her face yet again.

    Gu Nianshen grimaced at the sight.

    Right then, the owner brought her dumplings over. "The dumplings are ready."

    Lin Yiqian immediately placed the bottles on the table as she picked up a pair of chopsticks. "They smell amazing."

    Seeing how famished Lin Yiqian appeared to be, Gu Nianshen frowned.

    How could she still be in the mood to eat with her entire face red from the allergic reaction?

    "You are very embarrassing," he jeered.

    "Then you'd better leave," Lin Yiqian replied with a frown.

    He had spoken very harshly to her.

    Without saying another word, Gu Nianshen got up and walked out of the stall.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she looked at him leaving.


    She then lowered her head to look at the dumpling she had snapped up with her chopsticks. Suddenly, she had lost the appetite to eat.

    However, she still placed the dumpling in her mouth.

    After a moment of chewing, she swallowed it and did not pick up another dumpling.

    As she looked at her reflection through the phone's camera lens, she noticed there were swollen red spots all over her face. They seemed much worse than the red spots on her arms.

    Perhaps Gu Nianshen was right for criticizing her harshly.

    "Eat this."

    Lin Yiqian had completely lost track of time when she was looking at her own reflection in the phone. She did not realize that Gu Nianshen had returned.

    When she heard his commanding tone, she raised her head to see him looking down snobbishly at her.

    In that moment, Lin Yiqian looked both surprised and overjoyed.

    Then, she shifted her eyes to the box of medicine Gu Nianshen had placed in front of her. It was the medicine she would usually eat when she had an allergic reaction. "Did you go out to buy the medicine for me?" She asked, surprised.

    Was this Gu Nianshen?

    "What's the alternative? Let you embarrass me?" Gu Nianshen snorted.

    "The headlines on the news tomorrow would be: Gu Nianshen's wife has a puffy face." He raised his eyebrows.

    As he finished his sentence, Gu Nianshen turned to look at the owner of the stall. "Where are my noodles?"

    "Err... I thought you weren't coming back." The owner chuckled, embarrassed. "I'll make them for you right away."

    "When did I say I was not coming back?" Gu Nianshen fumed.

    "I'll prepare the food for you right away. It'll be done very soon."

    Gu Nianshen sat down in a huff as he remained silent.

    He then glanced at the two containers of dumplings on the table.
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