95 I Dont Intend to Discuss It with You

    After taking her medicine, Lin Yiqian noticed Gu Nianshen staring at the dumplings. "Would you like to try some?"

    She picked up a piece of dumpling with her chopsticks and moved it closer to Gu Nianshen's plate.

    Lin Yiqian then looked at his face in anticipation of his reaction.

    If he showed any sign of resistance, she would immediately take the dumpling away.

    As Gu Nianshen looked at the dumpling Lin Yiqian had placed near him, he hesitated for a moment. In actual fact, his eyes were focused on the vinegar, which had been accidentally smeared on the dumpling by Lin Yiqian's chopsticks when she had used them earlier.

    "Give it a try. You can spit it out if you don't like it," Lin Yiqian said.

    Seeing how he was not showing any reaction, Lin Yiqian dropped the dumpling on his plate.

    However, she was slightly surprised that he did not reject her immediately. Could he be too hungry?

    "Mister, are the noodles ready?" She called out to the owner.

    "Almost done."

    When Lin Yiqian's gaze returned to Gu Nianshen, he had already picked up the dumpling with his chopsticks. "You ought to eat it with some vinegar."

    As she spoke, she reached for the bottle of vinegar. However, she suddenly stopped herself. "Oh, right. You don't like vinegar."

    "How did you know that I don't like it?" He asked curiously.

    Lin Yiqian avoided his gaze. "Aunt... Aunt Zhou told me."

    She knew him far better than he would have realized, but she could never let him know that.

    "Oh," Gu Nianshen replied nonchalantly. "She's old and forgetful. I actually do like vinegar."

    As he spoke, he poured a large amount of vinegar over the dumpling on his plate.

    Lin Yiqian cringed at the sight, and even more so when he eventually bit into the dumpling.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen was visibly shuddering as a painful expression appeared on his face. Lin Yiqian could not stop herself from chuckling. "Gu Nianshen, do you know how awful you look right now?"

    She was eager to take a photo of him right then.

    In fact, she wanted to post a picture of his immediate expression all over the internet.

    "Don't laugh." Gu Nianshen stared at her angrily.

    Finally, he gave up on eating the dumpling as he placed it back on the plate.

    "Stop eating it. Here, let me have it. I'll give you another one." Lin Yiqian stopped herself from laughing.

    As she spoke, she put a new plate in front of Gu Nianshen and placed another fresh dumpling on it. With her other hand, she moved the existing plate in front of Gu Nianshen closer to her.

    Without a moment's hesitation, she ate the other half of the dumpling that Gu Nianshen had left on the plate.

    Worried that the sauce might have gotten all over her lips, Lin Yiqian retrieved a few wet wipes from her purse as she elegantly dabbed at the corner of her lips.

    Suddenly, she could sense him staring at her. As she lifted her gaze to look at his face, she could see that he was indeed staring at her.

    Lin Yiqian froze for a second before deciding to ask him what he was looking at.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen very naturally shifted his gaze away. "When do you plan to discuss matters of your family business with me?" He lowered his head as he continued to eat.

    It sounded as if he was asking about the weather.

    There was no hint of concern.

    Lin Yiqian picked up another dumpling as she took a bite of it. "I don't intend to discuss it with you."

    She sounded very calm. It was as if she truly had no intention of bringing up the topic.

    Indeed, she had never even thought of doing so.

    The one thing she feared the most was being rejected by Gu Nianshen. In order to not be rejected, she decided that the best thing to do was to keep her mouth shut.

    Her attitude caused Gu Nianshen to frown. "Do you plan on terminating the business?"
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