96 What’s In It For You?

    "Are you going to help me out?" Lin Yiqian asked jokingly.

    However, as soon as she asked, she began to hold her breath. There was an uncontrollable sense of expectancy.

    "It's not you who would be embarrassed if your family business goes bankrupt. It would be me." Gu Nianshen snorted.

    He had a look of disgust on his face.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian nodded without saying anything else.

    She lowered her head to continue eating. However, the food no longer tasted delicious.

    Gu Nianshen had not finished eating his noodles. However, as school was over, the crowd was beginning to enter the stall. He had lost the mood to eat.

    As he put his chopsticks down, Lin Yiqian knew it was time to leave. So, she stood up to pay.

    "Mister, how much do I have to pay you in total?"

    "Sixty-eight bucks, including the two containers of dumplings to be taken away."

    Lin Yiqian nodded as she started fishing for money in her purse. However, Gu Nianshen suddenly extended his hand from behind her and passed a hundred dollar note to the owner. "Keep the change."

    He was behaving in an imposing manner.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    Could he at least be aware of his surroundings before acting like a jerk?

    It seemed highly inappropriate to behave this way in front of a bunch of primary school students.

    After leaving the money behind, Gu Nianshen immediately headed out of the stall. When he turned around to see that Lin Yiqian was still standing at the same spot, he frowned impatiently. "What are you still doing there?"

    Lin Yiqian felt hopeless.

    "He doesn't like to keep loose change in his pocket. Keep the balance. I'll return in a few days to spend it," she said to the owner of the stall.

    "Alright." He chuckled as he nodded.

    Lin Yiqian carried the two containers of dumplings and dangled them in front of Gu Nianshen. "I'll bring these home for Xiaoxiao."


    Gu Nianshen continued to walk in front of her.

    "Both of you like the same things anyway." He added.

    Lin Yiqian was unsure of what to say next.

    She had barely diffused the awkward situation earlier. Could he be more sensitive with his words?

    What was it in for him to yell at her?

    'Ughh!' Lin Yiqian cursed under her breath.

    As she quickened her pace and overtook Gu Nianshen, she got into the car before he did. Throughout the drive, Gu Nianshen was either picking up calls or sending messages through his phone. The two barely spoke to each other.

    After sending him to the office, Lin Yiqian immediately left.


    As Gu Nianshen arrived at the office, he went directly into the CEO's meeting room. There were already several people waiting for him inside.

    "Mr. Gu."

    After scanning the room and acknowledging the people who had greeted him, his gaze finally landed on Qi Shaodong. "Have you given them the files?"

    Qi Shaodong nodded. "Managing Director Ma and Manager Liu have both gone through the files on the Lin family."

    "Do they have a thorough understanding of the situation?" Gu Nianshen turned to look at the men Qi Shaodong had pointed out.

    As he spoke, he pulled a chair close to him and sat down while waiting for their replies.

    A middle-aged man nodded. "All in all, approximately forty distributors have stopped selling the Lin family's products in the country. The value of refunded stocks is close to three hundred million dollars."

    "Moreover, these are all products close to the expiration dates. The nearest expiration date is two months away."

    The middle-aged man paused for a moment before he continued. "Which means that if we don't sell these perishable goods as soon as possible, the three hundred million dollars will go to waste."

    After the update, the entire meeting room fell into silence.

    All eyes were on Gu Nianshen. However, nobody could tell what was on his mind.

    Everyone began to look at each other nervously.

    "Get the Public Relations department to announce that Mega will takeover the Lin family's business," Gu Nianshen suddenly said as he lifted himself up from the chair.

    It was not a point up for discussion. Instead, it was an announcement of a decision already made.
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