98 Men Sent Over by Gu Nianshen

    Most of the employees were much older and were close to the retirement age. None of the youths had stayed on due to the company's financial situation.

    Therefore, everyone seemed to be in a gloomy mood.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian entered the meeting room, she scanned the room and started speaking. "Your salaries will be credited to your accounts the latest by the day after tomorrow."

    Money was still the ultimate incentive to boost employees' morale.

    "Miss, are your words reliable?" A man in his late forties asked skeptically.

    Lin Yiqian stared at him coolly. "If you don't think my words are reliable, you can choose not to believe them."

    "The Lin family's business will operate as per usual," she said to the rest of the staff in the room.

    Before anyone else could interrupt her, she began delegating tasks.

    As Lin Yiqian had read up on the profiles of the management staff before coming to the office, she did not need any introductions. She knew exactly who was in charge of their respective roles and responsibilities. "Marketing department, get your stocks tallied up as soon as possible."

    "Strategy team, submit a proposal to me right away. If you continue to look like zombies, you may resign." She commanded in a decisive and unquestionable tone.

    Then, she stood up. "That's all for now. If there is anything else, I will summon you. Meeting adjourned."

    Before Lin Yiqian had walked out of the meeting room, a group of older shareholders began expressing their disapproval toward her.

    "A young lady like her sounding so arrogant."

    "She thinks that she can run the business after becoming Mrs. Gu and saving the company from the 300 million dollars of debt."

    Lin Yiqian paused after hearing what was said about her.

    Her secretary stopped next to her. Lin Yiqian turned to face her secretary as she spoke coldly. "Tell the Human Resources department that there will be a new regulation. Whoever talks about me behind my back will receive deductions in their salaries and commissions. The more severe cases will even involve termination in their roles!"

    Without turning back to look at the reaction of those behind her, Lin Yiqian continued to leave the room, confidently.


    As she sat on the office chair in the CEO's office that was over a hundred square meters in size, she was faced with a pile of work documents pending her review.

    She suddenly felt a little lost.

    Lin Yiqian was not feeling lost because she did not know how to deal with the paperwork. Instead, she was concerned about the future.

    The fact was that she already had very little time to spend with Xiaoyu.

    Knock. Knock.

    Lin Yiqian's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by someone knocking at the door. "Come in," she said with a hand raised.

    As the door opened, two unfamiliar middle-aged men walked in with her secretary. Lin Yiqian subconsciously thought of them as her creditors.

    However, to her surprise, they greeted her with a polite nod. "Miss."


    Were these people sent here by Gu Nianshen?

    Why would they call her missus?

    As Lin Yiqian pondered, the two men started introducing themselves. "My name is Ma Xiangrui. I am Mega's Chief Managing Director. Mr. Gu had sent me here to help you with taking over the Lin family's business."

    "I am Mega's Marketing Director, Liu Mingzhou."

    After finding out their identities and why they were there, Lin Yiqian was in disbelief. "Did Mr. Gu send you here to help me out?"

    Lin Yiqian felt doubtful.

    Why would Gu Nianshen send these two important staff from Mega to help her out?"


    Ma Xiangrui smiled as he approached Lin Yiqian with a blue folder he had retrieved from his briefcase. He then opened the folder and placed it in front of Lin Yiqian. "After the introductions, I would like you to have a look at this contract. If you don't have any objections, you'll only need to sign here."

    Lin Yiqian's eyes lowered. As she stared at the contract, her eyes widened.

    It was a contract from Galaxy for a joint partnership.
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