99 Lin Yiqian, You Are in Trouble

    After a long while, Lin Yiqian finally raised her head. She seemed uncertain as she looked at Ma Xiangrui. "Does he really want to allow Lin Quan to carry out sales in Galaxy?"

    Galaxy was a luxury shopping brand that catered to the high-end brands of the world.

    Gu Nianshen must have lost his mind to let a small brand set up a store in its shopping mall. The act itself would affect Mega's overall branding.

    Ma Xiangrui nodded firmly. "Mr. Gu had personally mentioned it. If you don't believe me, you could call Mr. Gu to verify it."

    "No, it's fine." Lin Yiqian smiled as she shook her head.

    She was not dumb. After having signed many contracts in the past, she knew the process very well.

    However, she was surprised by how hard Gu Nianshen was working to help her.

    Most importantly, she was surprised that Lin Quan would be allowed to carry out sales in Galaxy. Although Mega was Galaxy's biggest shareholder, there were other shareholders who might not agree with such a decision.

    After thinking for some time, she finally replied to Ma Xiangrui. "Let me keep this copy of the contract. I'll ask him about it when I get home tonight."

    "Alright." Ma Xiangrui nodded without saying anything else.

    In his mind, he hoped that Lin Yiqian would not sign the contract. If Lin Quan was allowed to enter Galaxy, it would harm both Mega and Galaxy.


    After keeping herself busy for an entire day, and having gone through the company's entire year of financial statements, Lin Yiqian got to know that the company had lost over two billion dollars in a single year.

    The only valuable possessions the company had were the remaining stocks which were valued at 300 million dollars as well as their current office building.

    In fact, they were only able to salvage these possessions because of the Gu family's dowry of 300 million dollars.

    Lin Yiqian was getting a headache from analyzing the numbers. As soon as it was time to leave the office, she clocked out.

    Unlike Gu Nianshen, Lin Yiqian was never trained to take over her father's role. Lin Tianwan had always treated her like a princess and gave her everything she wanted. The only thing he never mentioned was giving the company to her.

    Back then, some of their friends and relatives thought that he might have another son with Lin Yiqian's mother, which was why he was never in a hurry to train her. However, they were all wrong. Lin Tianwan had no intention of having another child. Instead, he already had one.

    For the past five years, Lin Yiqian had kept her celebrity identity a secret and had lived a carefree life. Therefore, this was the first time she had ever been in a corporate environment. It was also the first time she was in a managerial role.

    Perhaps, she would need to go through a learning process to get used to her new role.

    Her office was not too far away from the Lin family and the Gu family's old bungalow. However, it was nearly twenty kilometers away from the place she stayed with Gu Nianshen.

    After getting through the peak traffic, the sky was already dark by the time Lin Yiqian arrived at home.

    As soon as she entered the house, she could hear that the television was on. 'Who's here?' She wondered curiously.

    Their servants at home would never sit in front of the television. As for Gu Nianshen, even if he were not at the office, he would not be watching any show on the television at this hour.

    Could Gu Nianjia have returned?

    Lin Yiqian took a curious glance inward. As she did so, she could see that it was indeed Gu Nianjia who was dressed in her pink pyjamas and a pink bunny-shaped hair tie.

    Gu Nianjia was sitting in a cross-legged manner in front of the television as her eyes were focused on the screen.

    "Mrs. Gu, welcome home." One of the servants who had just entered the house greeted her.

    "Lin Yiqian, you are in trouble," Gu Nianjia said as she turned around.

    Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly.

    Why was she in trouble? She had neither killed anyone nor set anything on fire.

    As she ignored what Gu Nianjia had said, she changed into her slippers and continued to walk across the living room. Right then, Gu Nianjia stood up and blocked her path.

    "It's not the weekend. Don't you need to be in school?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "My mother is home."
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