100 Your Brother Is on My Side

    When Lin Yiqian heard what Gu Nianjia said, her facial expression immediately changed.

    Sensing this, Gu Nianjia raised her chin proudly. "My mother is back. In fact, she and my brother are arguing because of you. You are in deep trouble."

    Although Gu Nianjia was trying to annoy her, Lin Yiqian did not get upset at all.

    "Your brother is fighting with your mother because of me. That says a lot about how important I am in this family. With your brother on my side, why would I be in trouble?" Lin Yiqian replied with a smile on her face.

    Then, Lin Yiqian walked away without waiting for Gu Nianjia to react.

    Needless to say, the young girl must be furious right now.

    Gu Nianjia's only wish since she was a kid was to have a brother who loved her and took care of her. Unfortunately, Gu Nianshen was never that kind of brother.

    If Gu Nianjia could not have it her way, she would not let anyone else get that kind of treatment from him.

    Lin Yiqian shook her head as she chuckled.

    As she came close to the staircase, she paused and looked upward with a focused gaze.

    From what she could remember, Gu Nianshen's mother was a woman with a strong character. The successes of the Gu and Song family were undeniably linked to her. On the day Lin Yiqian was married to Gu Nianshen, she did not even show up. Today, she must have come over because of Gu Nianshen's decision to help the Lin family.

    There was news all over the internet about the merger between the Gu and Lin family's businesses. Several distributors which had previously canceled deals with the Lin family had even called earlier today to state their intention of reenacting the deals.

    Lin Yiqian knew that it was all because of Mega.

    'Gu Nianshen, I really can't tell what's going on in your mind anymore.'

    Lin Yiqian got lost in her thoughts. After a moment, she began walking upstairs.


    "Your grandfather went crazy before he died. Are you going crazy as well?

    "Nevermind that you have married the woman out of respect. How dare you do something so ridiculous? Don't you know the Lin family's situation?"

    "I am very much aware of it."

    "Then why would you tie Mega to them? Don't you feel ashamed of your betrayal toward the Gu family's ancestors?"

    Although the door to Gu Nianshen's study on the second floor was tightly shut, Lin Yiqian could still hear Gu Nianshen and his mother arguing loudly.

    Lin Yiqian was touched by Gu Nianshen's firm tone. As she was prepared to open the door, she could hear Gu Nianshen's voice again. "Should I let the Lin family crumble to pieces? People will say that we, the Gu family, are useless. They will think that we don't have the ability to help the Lin family despite our strong ties in marriage."

    Lin Yiqian shuddered as she listened.

    Her hand was left dangling in front of the door.

    'Hehe...' She and Gu Nianshen had both wanted different things from the marriage. Gu Nianshen was only after the Gu family's most powerful position. All he wanted for the Gu family was the glory once he helped the Lin family. It had always been about the Gu family's welfare.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian had agreed to marry him under such circumstances. Why would she have hoped that he would do anything for her?

    "Don't you know that they have nearly 300 million worth of unsold stocks? The latest expiration date is in February next year. You even let them sell their products in Galaxy. Are you mad?"

    Song Changwen's face had turned red from anger.

    At 170 centimeters tall, she had a toned body that was like a twenty-year-old woman's. One could not tell that she was a mother of two adults.

    With a short-sleeved blouse and black wide-legged pants, she emanated the energy of a powerful businesswoman.

    There was a plump man standing next to Gu Nianshen and his mother while they argued. "Yeah, Nianshen. Please reconsider your decision," he advised.

    Meanwhile, a few others who stood around them did not dare to speak at all.
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