101 The Lin Family Does Not Lack Members

    Gu Nianshen snobbishly lowered his chin without responding to the slightly plump man.

    The man immediately covered his mouth, awkwardly.

    Song Changwen began to speak in a firm tone. "This is not negotiable. Nevermind that you have spent money to help the Lim family out. However, now that Mega is investing in their business, we must send someone to oversee how it is run. I must be the one who chooses this person."

    "Moreover, brands that don't sell like Lin Quan are not allowed in Galaxy."

    "I am Mega's CEO now." Gu Nianshen snorted.

    The short sentence made his intentions clear almost instantly.


    Song Changwen raised her hand and was about to slap Gu Nianshen's face when the door was suddenly opened. Everyone turned to look in the direction of the door.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian noticed that apart from Gu Nianshen and Song Changwen, there were three other people in the room that she had not expected to see.

    After a brief moment of stunned silence, Lin Yiqian's eyes landed on Song Changwen. They had not seen each other for five years, but Song Changwen appeared as if she had not aged at all.

    "Mother, you're here." Lin Yiqian smiled.

    Song Changwen gave Lin Yiqian the side-eye. "I believe you've heard what I have said a moment ago. I shall not repeat myself." She snorted.

    "Yes, indeed I have." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    Then, Lin Yiqian turned to look at Gu Nianshen with the smile still plastered on her face. "There's no need for you to intervene. I can take care of the remaining stock."

    As Lin Yiqian spoke, she started approaching Gu Nianshen.

    Hearing this, the slightly plump man next to Song Changwen snorted. "How could a young girl like you possibly be capable of clearing out 300 million worth of stocks?

    "In the end, you'd still need to rely on Nianshen to resolve your problem," he continued, clearly annoyed.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at the man. Instead of replying, she turned to face Gu Nianshen. "Who is this man? I don't recall having seen him before."

    "This is Gu Nianshen's oldest uncle," Song Changwen said before Gu Nianshen could answer.

    Lin Yiqian nodded as she turned to look at the slightly plump man. "So you're his oldest uncle."

    The man puffed his chest as if he was extremely proud of his identity.

    "If I can clear those stocks, what will you give me in return?" Lin Yiqian asked the uncle directly.

    "If you can do it on your own without relying on Nianshen, I will change my surname to Lin," the uncle said without hesitation.

    "There's no need for that. The Lin family does not lack members," Lin Yiqian chuckled and replied in a polite manner.


    Everyone in the room felt embarrassed for Gu Nianshen's uncle.

    However, Lin Yiqian was completely unaware that the man next to her was staring at her in admiration.

    With little regard for the uncle's embarrassment, Lin Yiqian continued to speak. "This is our Lin family's business. You won't have to give me anything to encourage me."

    As the corners of her mouth lifted, Lin Yiqian sounded both confident and sarcastic.

    "This is none of your business." Gu Nianshen frowned as he spoke to Lin Yiqian in a soft voice.

    "Aren't you discussing my family's business?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    "I will be able to protect the Gu family's reputation without any of your help. I won't let people gossip about how Gu Nianshen can't even salvage his wife's family business."

    Although Lin Yiqian could not sense it, she sounded as if she was making a bet.

    Gu Nianshen tightened his fists as he opened his mouth. However, before he could speak, a young lady who stood behind Song Changwen suddenly voiced out.

    "You are Little Yi, aren't you?" She asked.
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