102 She Had Never Been Disappointed by His Immaturity

    The lady seemed to be around Lin Yiqian's age. However, she was slightly shorter than Lin Yiqian with equally fair skin.

    She looked like a well-educated individual.

    Lin Yiqian looked her up and down. However, she could not think of anyone that she might know from her past. Once the lady got close enough, Lin Yiqian nodded and spoke in a neutral tone, "Lin Yiqian."

    She did not like being addressed by her nickname by someone she was not closely associated with.

    The lady covered her mouth as she blushed. When she arrived in front of Lin Yiqian, she started speaking in a soft tone. "Your family business produces cosmetic products. Ambassadors play an important role in selling cosmetic products. I know a few celebrities who are quite influential. If you don't mind, they could perhaps help you out."

    She sounded sincere enough.

    "Who are you?" Lin Yiqian smiled.

    "This is Changlin's girlfriend, Qianhui," Song Changwen said.

    Song Changwen sounded as if she was making an announcement.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian appeared surprised for a split second.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but pay closer attention to the woman before her. Meanwhile, Song Changlin's gloomy face appeared in her mind. Instinctively, Lin Yiqian felt that he and Qianhui were not a fitting match. In her opinion, Song Changlin should be with an outgoing and cheerful girl who could mend the pains of his childhood.

    However, Lin Yiqian was not Song Changlin and had no right to question his decision on who to date. It was merely her opinion after all.

    As long as he was happy, everything was fine.

    Gu Nianshen had observed Lin Yiqian's reaction. As he gritted his teeth, Gu Nianshen pulled Lin Yiqian into his arms.

    "She's our future aunt-in-law." Gu Nianshen smiled politely as she looked at Qian Hui.

    "Lin Yiqian, call her aunt-in-law, quickly now." He then turned to face Lin Yiqian.

    Qian Hui instantly blushed as she lowered her head.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    This fellow was ridiculously childish.

    Lin Yiqian chose to ignore Gu Nianshen as she smiled at Qian Hui. "Thank you for your kind offer. If there is a need, I will certainly reach out for your assistance."

    Qian Hui most likely offered to help for two reasons.

    Firstly, she could have only meant to put on a show in front of Song Changwen. Secondly, she might have wanted to help because of Song Changlin.

    In Lin Yiqian's case, she would politely reject the offer.

    Qian Hui shook her head lightly. "I am more than happy to help. After all, I'm a clothing designer and I know a lot of managers. You can even get celebrities from One Line. If I were to ask them, I'm sure they would not charge a high price."

    "Since Qian Hui has offered to help, why don't you stop acting all high and mighty?" Song Changwen spoke all of a sudden as she began frowning.

    "That's right. Qian Hui is a well-known designer from One Line. Lots of celebrities want to be acquainted with her," Gu Nianshen's uncle chipped in.

    As he spoke, he turned to look at Lin Yiqian proudly.

    Gu Nianshen pulled Lin Yiqian closer to him as he lazily gazed at Qian Hui. "Lots of designers from One Line are eager to design clothes for the wife of Mega's CEO too."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless again.

    This fellow had never disappointed her with his immaturity.

    Qian Hui froze as the smile on her face disappeared. Subconsciously, she turned to look at Song Changwen.

    "Gu Nianshen!" Song Changwen screamed.

    Song Changwen was so visibly mad that her entire body was shaking. However, in the end, she refrained herself from losing her temper whilst turning to look at Lin Yiqian. "I would like to see if she is capable of clearing those stocks without your help."
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