104 A Semblance to Soldier Boys

    Everyone had gathered in Lin Yiqian's office.

    Lin Yiqian looked at the people in her room as she sat up straight behind the desk.

    "What makes you think you can clear the stocks?" One of the white-haired employees pointed a finger at her as he asked.

    The old man seemed enraged.

    Lin Yiqian was able to recognize him as one of the bigger shareholders, Mr. Wu.

    "Those are my stocks. I will sell them if I want to and I won't sell them if I don't want to. As for whether I am able to sell them or not, it has nothing to do with any of you." Lin Yiqian smiled.

    As she finished her sentence, Lin Yiqian shrugged in a nonchalant manner.

    "What kind of attitude is this?" Mr. Wu was so upset that he nearly wanted to hit her.

    "Did you know that several malls that initially agreed to sell our products suddenly reverted their decisions today? If you can't do what you promised, don't blow your own trumpet," another person voiced out.

    "She's just a puppet. Did you really place hope in her to make a difference?"

    The group of people began to throw all sorts of insults at Lin Yiqian, and each sounded more awful than the previous one.

    Lin Yiqian suddenly slammed her palms against the desk as her facial expression changed.


    The entire office fell silent.

    Her gaze swept across the room. "The business is closing down soon. For those of you who wish to leave, please do so as soon as possible. Your salaries will be credited to your accounts. As for shareholders, I will pay you with last year's price of shares. After you sign the share transfer contract, the money will be transferred to you within a month."

    "I'll take your word for it. Our salaries must be paid. I'll quit."

    "I'm quitting too."

    Many of the older employess who initially wanted to stay on decided to quit right then.

    Even the shareholders were tempted. "Why should we believe that you will give us the money within a month after we transfer the shares?"

    "If you don't believe me, you can stay on and suffer," Lin Yiqian replied.

    "I'll transfer the shares. If I don't get my money within the stipulated timeline, I will reach out to Gu Nianshen for it."

    All of a sudden, dozens of people left. Only five employees remained in the room.

    Lin Yiqian scanned them up and down. These were all young males and, to her surprise, one of them even seemed close to her age.

    He was thin and tall with a clean-shaven face and round-framed spectacles. On top of that, he looked as if he had recently graduated.

    "Why haven't you left?" Lin Yiqian's gaze landed on him.

    For him to be able to get a job in the Lin family's business, and not work as a cleaner or a clerical staff, he must have had a good educational background. At his age, he was more than capable of finding a better career option.

    "It's not easy to land a job these days. I've only just graduated. Regardless of what happens, I have nothing to lose. If anything, I should stay here and, in case you succeed, I would have been one of your loyal subordinate who helped you on your way." He chuckled.

    After finishing his sentence, he even scratched the back of his head and laughed cheekily.

    In that instant, he no longer seemed like a young graduate. He had completely reformed Lin Yiqian's impression of him.

    His words convinced Lin Yiqian to regard him in a more respectable manner.

    This fellow was rather interesting.

    Lin Yiqian rested her arm against the chair before placing her chin against it. She continued to stare at the man for a while. "What's your name? Which department are you in?"

    "Fang Heyang. I'm in the Marketing department."

    Fang Heyang straightened his back as he replied in a firm tone. Lin Yiqian felt that he had a semblance to soldier boys.

    After chuckling for a moment, Lin Yiqian continued to speak, "Take note of this. We will no longer work with malls that have reverted on their decisions to sell our products."

    "Alright." Fang Heyang nodded.

    Lin Yiqian then turned to look at the rest. "Since you are all staying on, don't speak of anything depressing or utter any form of complaint in my presence again."
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