107 Actress Su

    Gu Nianshen instantly placed two hundred dollars on the table.

    "Thank you, big brother."

    After making sure that the group of primary school students had gone away, Gu Nianshen turned to face the owner of the stall who seemed quite occupied.

    "Hey, if it isn't Mr. Gu... " The owner greeted Gu Nianshen.

    "Two boxes," Gu Nianshen said, expressionlessly.

    Then, Gu Nianshen straightened his back before adding, "For the dog, I'm sure you'd know."

    "Of course. No onions." The owner nodded with a chuckle.

    As the owner spoke, he started retrieving ingredients to make the dumplings. "You seem to like dogs a lot, Mr. Gu."

    "Hmm." Gu Nianshen nodded.

    "What breed is it?" The owner asked curiously.

    "Female," Gu Nianshen said after pondering for a moment.

    "It's got a temper and it's also picky when it comes to food," Gu Nianshen added as he glanced at the dumplings the owner had made.

    "It's your own doing. My dog Ah Huang eats anything." The owner chuckled.

    "I am willing." Gu Nianshen's facial expression turned gloomy.

    He could not believe that the owner was comparing his dog with their own.


    The conversation had run dry. Then, the owner laughed awkwardly as he started to focus on making the dumplings.


    In the whole of the Lin family's business, there were only around twenty employees remaining, including the cleaners.

    By lunchtime, everyone had gone out to eat. Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian continued to stare at the pile of documents in front of her. She was beginning to feel depressed by the records of the company's performance over the past few years.

    What had Lin Tianwan been doing for the past few years?

    Lin Yiqian put the document in her hands on the table as she covered her face with her palms.

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    Lin Yiqian could hear someone knocking on the door as she removed her hands from her face. "Come in."

    It was her new secretary who had opened the door.

    "Chief Lin, there is a lady called Qian Hui here to see you."

    As Lin Yiqian heard this, she frowned with surprise.

    'Why is she here?'

    After thinking for a moment, she nodded at the secretary. "Let her in."

    Lin Yiqian had never sought after trouble. However, trouble would always come to her.

    As Lin Yiqian shook her head, she tidied up her desk before pouring herself another glass of water. When she was about to drink the glass of water, Qian Hui entered.

    "Little Yi."

    The way Qian Hui addressed Lin Yiqian made it sound as if they were very closely acquainted.

    Lin Yiqian turned to face Qian Hui and noticed that she had shoulder-length hair which she had tied up behind her head.

    Next to Qian Hui was a lady who was a few inches taller than her. The lady appeared slender and had very distinctive facial features. She also wore a white-checkered dress from Prada, which matched her aura of elegance.

    The purse in her hands was from Hermes and was worth 800,000 dollars.

    However, none of her materialistic possessions could compare to her personal net worth. After all, her face could be seen on nearly all billboards in major cities.

    After checking both of the women out, Lin Yiqian showed a barely visible smile before nodding at Qian Hui politely. "Miss Qian Hui."

    Right then, Lin Yiqian's secretary entered the office with two glasses of water as she stopped next to Qian Hui and the other beautiful lady.

    "Aren't you the famous actress Su Dan?" She looked at the beautiful lady excitedly.

    Su Dan... She had recently won Baimei's best actress award.

    Lin Yiqian was quite surprised that Qian Hui actually brought her a national A-list celebrity.

    As she chuckled to herself, Lin Yiqian began to speak to her secretary, coldly. "Ah Hui, leave the tea and get the document I've just sent to your e-mail printed out."
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