108 I Wont Accept Anyones Help

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian's secretary immediately shifted her gaze away from Su Dan.

    After the secretary had left, Qian Hui tugged Su Dan along as she approached Lin Yiqian. "Little Yi, this is Su Dan. She's a very capable and a well-known celebrity in the top ten list of famous people." Qian Hui smiled as she introduced Su Dan to Lin Yiqian.

    Su Dan was slightly taller than Lin Yiqian. As such, she seemed to look at Lin Yiqian with an air of superiority.

    In fact, she did not even greet Lin Yiqian.

    "Nice to meet you." Lin Yiqian nodded politely.

    "I'm only helping you because of Qian Hui," Su Dan finally spoke, coolly.

    She sounded as if she was forced to be there.

    Lin Yiqian frowned. "Eh? Help me?"

    "Have I ever said that I needed help?" Lin Yiqian appeared confused as she turned to face Qian Hui.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian spoke, Su Dan's facial expression changed.

    Qian Hui immediately placed her hand on Lin Yiqian's arm. "Little Yi, please don't misunderstand. I really do want to help you. Only someone famous like Su Dan can help your family business by promoting its products. This is your only hope."

    Lin Yiqian could not stand people who interfered with other's personal matters as well as those who pretended to be kind.

    Regardless of whether Qian Hui was this type of person, Lin Yiqian felt that she had already crossed the line.

    Lin Yiqian felt there was no need to beat around the bush. "Miss Qian Hui, I wonder why you are so eager to help me out?" She asked coldly.


    Qian Hui was stunned momentarily as she was not expecting Lin Yiqian's straightforward attitude.

    "Qian Hui, your kindness has been disregarded," Su Dan immediately chipped in.

    She then turned to face Lin Yiqian. "Miss Lin has always been a proud person. Why would she receive help from her competitor in romance?"

    Su Dan raised her chin slightly as she looked down upon Lin Yiqian.

    With Su Dan to back her up, Qian Hui felt much more confident. As she straightened her back, Qian Hui looked at Lin Yiqian in the eyes. "I'm sure you would have figured it out by now. I am only helping you because I am worried that Changlin might do so."

    If Qian Hui had said so earlier, Lin Yiqian would have admired her for her courage. However, it was too late now.

    Lin Yiqian's face darkened. "I won't accept anyone's help, including Song Changlin's."

    Then, her lips curved up slightly as she smiled in a patronizing way at Qian Hui. "Miss Qian Hui, are you happy now?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    Lin Yiqian could not understand why these people sought after drama when life was already so exhausting.

    As Qian Hui felt insulted by Lin Yiqian, she stopped hiding her intentions. "But you are in such a terrible situation. If Gu Nianshen helped you, you would still have to close down your business. How could Changlin let that happen without doing anything?"

    Lin Yiqian ignored her. "Ah Hui, please show our guests the way out."

    In a cool manner, Lin Yiqian turned around and no longer looked at them.

    "Some people are oblivious to their own circumstances." Su Dan's sarcastic remark could be heard.

    Su Dan was somewhat bothered by the fact that her offer had been turned down. However, she did have quite a lot of patience. After all, she had needed such patience to become the successful actress she was today.

    After her sarcastic remark, she immediately turned to face Qian Hui. "Qian Hui, ignore her. We'll see what she's capable of. Anyway, my time is very precious. I've got another scheduled shoot in the afternoon. Also, I have to attend LY's jewelry launch later in the evening. I shall not waste time on this kind of person."

    As she spoke, Su Dan turned around elegantly and walked out of the office.
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