110 Feeling Tricked

    Lin Yiqian could not help but allow her gaze to linger on Fang Heyang's face. Right then, Fang Heyang was picking up the helmet on his bike as he passed it to her. "Here, wear this helmet."

    "I don't like wearing a helmet that someone else has worn before. You can wear it," she said as she held the helmet in her hands.

    Then, she placed the helmet on Fang Heyang's head.

    "Chief Lin, you are indeed a very straightforward person." He smiled.

    He had a boyish grin on his face.

    Lin Yiqian felt that this was a completely different person from the first time they met.

    She shrugged as she chuckled without saying a word.

    Fang Heyang climbed onto the bike in a swift motion as he turned to look at Lin Yiqian. "Hop on."

    Then, he lowered the visor on his helmet.

    Lin Yiqian caught on pretty quick as she hopped onto the bike. After all, she worked out often and was rather agile. Meanwhile, she tried her best to keep her distance from him on the bike.

    "Hold on tight." Fang Heyang started the engine as he spoke.

    As soon as he finished the sentence, the engine roared while the bike started accelerating.

    Lin Yiqian held on tightly to the safety bar behind her as her heart raced.

    As she looked forward, she could see the bike zig-zagging through the parking lot. As the parking lot was rather empty, the sound of reverberation from the bike could be heard very clearly. Soon, she began to feel excited rather than fearful.

    If they were more closely acquainted, Lin Yiqian would have asked him to drive even faster.

    She wanted to lose herself in the surge of adrenaline so that she could forget where she was going and what she was doing there.

    After making a few turns, they finally made it out of the parking lot. Right then, they crossed paths with a black Porsche.

    'Is that Lin Yiqian?'

    Gu Nianshen turned around. He could vaguely see the figure of a person dressed in red. He would not forget the shade of red as it resembled the color of watermelon.

    He recalled that Lin Yiqian had worn a similar shirt with the same shade of red. In fact, he could remember clearly that it had come with an eye-catching butterfly-knot on the collar.

    Although his car had already reached the basement of the parking lot, he rotated the steering wheel instantly to make a U-turn out of the parking lot.


    As it was lunchtime, there were a lot of cars on the road. However, as soon as the traffic light turned green, Fang Heyang cruised through the roads like how stunt actors did in the movies.

    Each time Lin Yiqian felt as if they would hit another vehicle, they would end up maneuvering through safely.

    They were moving so fast that Lin Yiqian could barely open her eyes.

    If it took them twenty minutes to travel at such a high speed, it would have taken them at least forty minutes by car. How far away was this hair salon?

    Moreover, she could see that they were travelling further and further away from the city. She felt tricked right then.

    With a frown, Lin Yiqian stared at Fang Heyang.

    However, she could not see his facial expression as his face was covered by the helmet.

    Then, she raised her head to look at the road before them. Did this the road not lead to Shanghai's 81st District?

    While she pondered confusedly, Fang Heyang gradually slowed down. Soon, they arrived at a junction, which led them onto a road full of sycamore trees.

    Lin Yiqian scanned the stores along the quiet road as Fang Heyang gradually came to a halt in front of a very ancient-looking entrance.

    The loud noise of the engine suddenly faded away as Lin Yiqian could still feel the buzz in her air. She took a moment to recollect herself.

    Meanwhile, Fang Heyang got off the bike and continued to hold onto the bike. After taking his helmet off, he smiled at Lin Yiqian. "Are you worried that I would sell you off?"

    "Nobody can afford me," Lin Yiqian replied, calmly.
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