111 An Open-Minded Man

    Lin Yiqian placed one leg on the ground before she hopped off the bike in a swift motion.

    After both of them had gotten off, Fang Heyang made sure that the bike was parked steadily before placing the helmet above it.

    "Let's go."

    Fang Heyang started walking toward the entrance of the quiet neighborhood. As Lin Yiqian got closer, she could finally see the sign by the entrance which wrote 'Home of the Military Families'.

    As Lin Yiqian followed closely behind Fang Heyang, she seemed to trust him quite a fair bit.

    There were two guards dressed in military attire who stood near the entrance. However, they did not stop the two in their tracks. Lin Yiqian subconsciously turned to look at Fang Heyang several times.

    There was a look of confusion on her face.

    "We're here." Fang Heyang pointed at a barbershop which seemed like it had been modified from a terrace house.

    When Lin Yiqian looked at the barbershop, she could see that it had a very small curtain on the door with a spiraling light cylinder in front of it. "Isn't this where senior citizens get their heads shaved?"

    For this barbershop to be opened in such a place, it could only be meant for the senior citizens who lived here. The younger generations would surely have chosen to get their hair styled in hair salons somewhere else.


    Fang Heyang chuckled at Lin Yiqian's words. "Please don't say that when we're inside. My hairstylist will feel very hurt."

    "Is this where you live?" Lin Yiqian asked nonchalantly.

    "I've not been here for a long time."


    Apparently, she must not have been too far off. Fang Heyang was either an ex-soldier or came from a family of soldiers.

    Without saying anything else, Lin Yiqian followed after Fang Heyang into the barbershop.

    Just as she had expected, it was empty inside and almost as if it had not had any business for the past few days. Even if it were not closed down, the owner was nowhere to be found.

    "Boss, we're here for a haircut."

    When Fang Heyang saw that there was no one inside, he shouted out loudly at one of the rooms.

    "Hey, I'm coming, young master," someone immediately responded.

    'But... It clearly sounded like an old man's voice.'

    Lin Yiqian frowned as she took several steps back. She was prepared to run away if she had to.

    As soon as the door was opened, an old man with a head full of gray hair stepped out. He was wearing reading glasses.

    When the old man appeared, he quickly glanced at Lin Yiqian before turning to face Fang Heyang. "What has brought you here?"

    "I've brought someone here for a haircut," he replied, calmly.

    "Would that be for the pretty lady over there?" The old man turned to look at Lin Yiqian.

    "This lady looks strangely familiar. Is she your fiancée?"

    "I'm married," Lin Yiqian answered without any hesitation.


    A confused expression appeared on the old man's face. After looking at Lin Yiqian carefully for a moment, he turned to face Fang Heyang. "How exciting."

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    This man was very open-minded.

    Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched at the corners. "Fang Heyang, is this the skilled hairstylist you had mentioned?"

    It was rather obvious that this old man was the person Fang Heyang had referred to.

    Her slightly suspicious tone made the old man feel the desire to prove himself. "Young girl, I've been a hairstylist for several decades. In fact, I'm very popular on the internet. I've published quite a number of my works on an app and many people like them."

    Lin Yiqian had no words in response.

    Not only was he open-minded, the old man even kept up with popular culture and used online applications.

    However, Lin Yiqian was only here to get a shorter haircut. As long as the person was able to use a pair of scissors, he could get the job done.

    After pondering for a moment, she immediately walked over to the only seat in the room and sat down.
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