112 Gu Nianshen Would Like It Slightly Longer

    Lin Yiqian stretched her hands to the back of her head as she removed the hairband on the bun of hair. Her long black hair fell well below her shoulders like soft silk.

    From her reflection in the mirror, Lin Yiqian's face appeared even fairer and well-proportioned in contrast to her long black hair. She looked like a character from a painting.

    The moment her hair came loose, Fang Heyang was stunned by the sight of her beauty.

    Lin Yiqian took a look at her own reflection in the mirror before speaking to the old man with a decisive tone. "Cut it short."

    The old man was also rather stunned by her long hair. "You must have kept this for years."

    As he spoke, he lifted a handful of Lin Yiqian's hair.

    "Will it affect your technique in cutting hair?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    She sounded somewhat emotional.

    Fang Heyang frowned at the old man. "Hey, just do as you're told."

    "Fine then."

    The old man nodded. However, when he looked at Lin Yiqian's hair, there was a look of unwillingness in his eyes. After making some measurements on her hair, his fingers finally stopped near her collar bone. "Is this length alright?"

    "Shorter," Lin Yiqian said without hesitation.

    "What about here?" The old man moved his fingers slightly higher.

    Lin Yiqian was beginning to look annoyed. She directly pointed at an area just below her ear. "Here."

    She was very decisive.

    "Are you sure you want it that short?" The old man questioned as he was worried that she might have made a mistake.


    Lin Yiqian nodded with certainty. She would not be questioned any further.

    The old man could tell from the way she spoke that she was getting impatient. Without asking any further, he began to lift her hair up as he prepared to start cutting it.

    As the windows and the door to the barbershop were open, breeze entered the room, blowing gently at Lin Yiqian's hair.

    Lin Yiqian's eyes were suddenly full of tears.

    'Hair oh hair, please grow just a little longer.'

    'Gu Nianshen will like it if it was just a little bit longer.'

    As Lin Yiqian closed her eyes, tears began streaming down her face.

    "Grandpa, hold on a second." Fang Heyang suddenly called out.

    He immediately rushed over to the old man as he grabbed onto his wrist just before he started cutting Lin Yiqian's hair.

    With his other hand, Fang Heyang tugged at Lin Yiqian's chair as he spun her around.

    The two stared at each other's faces for a moment.

    Lin Yiqian immediately tried to suppress her emotions as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand. A firm-looking hand had extended two sheets of tissue to her. "Here."

    She was stunned for a moment. "Thank you."

    As she dried her tears, Fang Heyang suddenly picked up some of her hair. "Chief Lin, you look great with long hair."

    It was a genuine compliment with a tinge of warmth in his voice.

    Lin Yiqian smiled without saying a word. She had already recollected herself as she raised her head and was prepared to ask the old man to continue cutting her hair.

    Suddenly, a tall figure walked through the door. As Lin Yiqian turned to face the person, she could see a man walking hastily toward her.

    The way he walked seemed very intimidating. Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped.

    Before she could even call out his familiar name, he had grabbed onto her wrist and was dragging her away.

    She did not even have the opportunity to resist it.

    "Gu Nianshen!"

    After being dragged out of the barbershop, Lin Yiqian finally pulled herself together as she pushed Gu Nianshen's hand away.

    She was now furiously staring at him. Her tears had not even dried up yet.

    Meanwhile, her lips and her entire body were trembling.
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