114 A Dress Personally Chosen by the CEO

    After Gu Nianshen had sent Lin Yiqian back to her office, she did not see him again.

    In the morning, she was the only person at the dining table. As she did not have any appetite, Lin Yiqian only drank some milk and ate a few slices of toast.

    After breakfast, she walked out of the dining room and headed toward the main door. As she walked past the coffee table, where a servant was in the midst of tidying, the servant hastily picked up the newspaper on the table.

    The servant had done it almost as if to prevent Lin Yiqian from seeing the news.

    With the technology being so advanced these days, all the news in the newspaper would have already been published on the internet.

    Lin Yiqian did not need to read the newspaper.

    As she chuckled, Lin Yiqian pretended not to have noticed the servant's action. Calmly, she continued to walk past the servant.

    After changing her shoes and having walked out of the door, Lin Yiqian finally retrieved her phone. Without even needing to log onto Weibo intentionally, she was able to see two headlines about Gu Nianshen.

    'Mega's CEO Mr. Gu seems to be very active after getting married. He turns no one down at LY's event as he drinks with nearly every beautiful lady there.'

    'Young actress Su Dan appears to have attracted the attention of Mega's CEO. They've had three drinks during the event and were even photographed getting into the same car after the event had ended. With Mr. Gu's influence, Su Dan would surely become LY's newest ambassador.'

    Lin Yiqian glanced at the headlines before chuckling to herself.

    Without even tapping on the headlines, she immediately deleted the news from her feed and deactivated the push notification from the news channel. Then, she locked the screen of her phone and tossed it into her purse.


    Back in the office, Lin Yiqian was still faced with piles of paperwork. As soon as she saw the business plan and their progress, she immediately felt a weight upon her shoulders, which barely allowed her to breathe.

    When her secretary knocked on the door to tell her it was time for lunch, only then did Lin Yiqian finally raise her head.

    As she turned off her computer, she picked her phone up.

    Without the push notification from the news channel, there was nothing on her screen. Subconsciously, the corners of her lips curved downward.

    "Here's your food."

    "Chief Lin."

    After the secretary had called her several times, Lin Yiqian finally reacted. "Ahh..."

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian raised her head again and nodded when she noticed the food on the coffee table.

    Shaking her head, Lin Yiqian put her phone down and started walking to the couch.

    As her gaze landed upon the food, she frowned as she did not feel the slightest bit hungry.

    However, she still sat down and took a few bites of food with her chopsticks.

    Knock. Knock.

    When the door opened, a familiar sound could be heard. "Mrs. Gu."

    Lin Yiqian's eyes lit up as she raised her head.

    Qi Shaodong stood there with a blue box in her hands. There was even a red shoebox above it. Smiling, Qi Shaodong nodded at Lin Yiqian.

    "Why are you here?" Lin Yiqian asked, surprised.

    "LY is organizing a jewelry show in Shanghai's Galaxy. The CEO has asked me to deliver the dress and these shoes to you." Qi Shaodong smiled.

    As he spoke, Qi Shaodong gradually approached Lin Yiqian.

    When he arrived next to the couch, he bent over and placed the boxes on the couch.

    Lin Yiqian looked surprised after examining the two boxes for a moment. "The CEO has personally chosen this dress. He has even given the precise measurements to the designer without skipping a beat." Qi Shaodong chuckled.

    Lin Yiqian was nearly tempted to unbox the dress immediately when she heard Qi Shaodong's words.

    However, she clenched her fists tightly as she smiled back at Qi Shaodong. "I understand."

    "Alright then, Mrs. Gu, I shall return now." Qi Shaodong chuckled again.

    "Okay." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    After Qi Shaodong had left the room, Lin Yiqian's gaze returned to the box that contained her dress.
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