115 Color of Temptation

    All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian felt as if her entire world had been lit up.

    When she looked at the food in front of her, she somehow felt like taking a few more bites. Similarly, when she looked at the pile of work on her table, she felt miraculously motivated.

    This reminded her of the time she would sit in the crowd every Friday as she waited for the young man who wore the same white basketball jersey with the number 'one' printed on the front.

    He would always chug down half a bottle of water.

    Whenever he showed up late, her mind would start to wander. She would find her friends annoying if they talked to her in such a state.

    She always asked herself why she would fall for someone so deeply.

    The level of infatuation she felt was even more intense than how teenagers were addicted to online games.

    It was thus proven that when someone toughened up, anything was possible.

    Lin Yiqian had become excited just because Gu Nianshen's secretary had told her something unproven about the dress he chose.

    As Lin Yiqian laughed at herself, she placed the box on her lap as she carefully unwrapped it.

    A striking orange dress was revealed, making the room feel a few shades brighter.

    Lin Yiqian was rather surprised that Gu Nianshen would choose such a bright colored dress for her.

    From what she could recall, she had never worn this color in her entire life.

    'That's not right!'

    When she was in her third year of high school, she had participated in a recital competition. On that occasion, her mother had bought her an orange dress and had explained that it would make her stand out more on stage.

    That was the only time Lin Yiqian had ever worn it as she felt it was too bright.

    Why would this fellow like the same color of temptation that her mother had liked?

    As Lin Yiqian frowned, deep in thought, she began to lift the dress out of the box and straightened it out in front of her.

    It was a simple V-neck sleeveless dress. As she could not find the brand's tag on the dress, Lin Yiqian wondered if it had been removed on purpose.

    'He had even given the precise measurements to the designer without skipping a beat...'

    Lin Yiqian measured the dress against her body. Just as she was about to put it back into the box, she became excited after remembering what Qi Shaodong had said.

    She could not wait to put on the dress. Thus, that was exactly what she did.

    As she was wearing a body-hugging t-shirt and jeans, she could easily put the dress on. Although she did not look as stunning as she could have, it did not affect her appearance much.

    When she lowered her eyes to look at the dress, she could see that it reached her ankles. Although it would be too tight if she pulled it up slightly at the waist, it would fit perfectly once she removed her t-shirt and jeans.

    The corners of her mouth subconsciously lifted.

    With her feet bare, Lin Yiqian took a spin as the dress flowed along behind her. From her point of view, the dress appeared to be a flower that had just blossomed.

    Unable to stop herself, Lin Yiqian began to dance around like a ballerina, something that she had not done for ages.

    When she was much younger, her mother had forced her to take ballet lessons for a while. Not long after, her mother realized that she truly did not like her and therefore stopped forcing her to attend the classes.

    To Lin Yiqian's surprise, she could still remember some of the ballet moves.

    With ease, she did a split stretch as she extended her feet on opposite sides.

    "Hey, Chief Lin, are you training?"

    She did not realize that the door was left open until Fang Heyang spoke from the door.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian instantly tried to stand up straight and nearly fell over.

    After ensuring she had regained her balance, she immediately frowned at Fang Heyang.

    He was wearing a light pink shirt and royal blue pants. It was a fashionable yet professional-looking set of attire.

    As Fang Heyang knew why Lin Yiqian looked unhappy, he calmly tried to explain. "I had knocked on the door several times, but you could not seem to hear it."

    Then, he pointed at the folder in his hand. "This document is very important. It urgently requires your signature."did her mother not like her or is there a missing word here?
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