116 Worthy of Chief Lins Exquisite Beauty

    Lin Yiqian immediately hid her unhappy expression as she replied, coolly, "Leave it over there. I'll get it signed immediately."

    She then returned to the couch and started eating once she sat down.


    Fang Heyang nodded as he placed the document on her desk. Then, he turned around and was prepared to leave.

    When he arrived at the door, he paused for a moment before turning to look at Lin Yiqian. "The dress is very pretty. It is certainly worthy of your exquisite beauty."

    He smiled menacingly, but not without his usual positive aura.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she lifted her head to look at him.

    'How scary!'

    Fang Heyang felt somewhat unsettled as he was prepared to leave. However, Lin Yiqian was not letting him off the hook now.

    "There is going to be an event at our flagship store tomorrow. Make sure you're there to cover the team," Lin Yiqian said, very calmly. One could not tell how she was feeling at all.

    However, Fang Heyang shuddered when he heard her.

    He felt speechless.

    Was he wrong for complimenting her?

    As Fang Heyang frowned, Lin Yiqian lifted her head to smile at him again. "I believe you have a way with words that will be good for sales."

    Such a piercing smile.

    Fang Heyang laughed awkwardly. "I'll... do my best."

    Lin Yiqian was very pleased with his attitude. "Do it well. I believe you are different from the other kids with rich parents."

    "What do you mean kids with rich parents? I come from a middle-class family." Fang Heyang chuckled.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    By middle-class, he meant driving a bike that cost 200,000 dollars and living within a military compound.

    Do middle-class families have such high standards these days?


    LY was a jewelry brand that ranked in the top thirty list in the world. On this day, various foreign media had shown up at their show.

    The entire venue was romantically decorated with pink and silver as the main theme colors. The T-shaped stage was not too large, but very uniquely designed. It was formed with three crescent-moon shaped objects.

    Before the event started, everyone mingled around and chatted with people they knew.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian entered through the doors, she scanned around and was able to identify a few familiar faces.

    However, none of them knew who she was.

    Qi Shaodong was the one who had brought her there. According to him, Gu Nianshen was still in a meeting at the office and would only arrive slightly later.

    Although Lin Yiqian was keen to find a quiet corner so she could sit down, there were people everywhere. Many of them were famous celebrities in the country.

    Wherever she went, she would end up bumping into others. Therefore, she decided to head outside instead.

    As she was walking toward the door, she ran into two women. One of them seemed somewhat familiar.

    "Lin Yiqian?"

    Indeed, the woman called her out instantly. Clearly, the woman knew who she was.

    Lin Yiqian squinted as she tried to recall the person's name. Finally, she was able to recall who she was. The person was her high school classmate, Xia Yunyun. However, her appearance had changed drastically.

    Lin Yiqian could barely recognize her.

    However, she still pretended not to remember who she was. "Who are you?"

    Lin Yiqian furrowed her brows to give the impression that she was rather uptight and arrogant.

    After Tong Huan's case, Lin Yiqian had thoroughly given up on classmates she had considered her friends, much less her classmates whom she was not even close to in the past.

    As Lin Yiqian pretended not to know her, Xia Yunyun's instantly felt humiliated. When she spoke once more, she sounded somewhat sarcastic. "Isn't Gu Nianshen with you?"

    The other woman next to her followed suit. "Yunyun, is this the wife of Mega's CEO?"

    "That's right." Xia Yunyun nodded with a snort.

    The other woman started chuckling along. "Hey, didn't Mr. Gu come with Su Dan last night?"

    Then, she and Xia Yunyun covered their mouths as they began to chuckle out loud.

    Right then, a familiar woman's voice spoke from behind Lin Yiqian.this word sounds a little unfitting in this context
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