117 Stealing the Thunder Without Even Speaking

    "What are you two doing?"

    'Hehe! Surely they planned for this to happen?'

    When Lin Yiqian heard Su Dan's voice, she chuckled.

    By the time she turned around, Su Dan was already right behind her. Wearing a skirt that barely covered her hips, Su Dan's curves were easily visible, which made her appear even sexier than usual.

    There was also fairly little clothing covering her chest, leaving little to one's imagination.

    Meanwhile, Xia Yunyun and the other woman began approaching Su Dan as they both smiled. "Dan Dan, you're here."

    Su Dan nodded at the two as she quickly glanced at Lin Yiqian's face. As she did so, she intentionally raised her chin.

    Without saying anything to Lin Yiqian, Su Dan turned to face Xia Yunyun and the other woman as she smiled. "Why have you two only just arrived? Come with me, I'll introduce you to a few acquaintances."

    As Su Dan spoke, she reached for the hand of the woman next to Xia Yunyun.

    Right as they were about to leave, someone came over to greet Su Dan.

    "Su Dan, you beautiful woman. It's so rare to see you."

    Several middle-aged men, all dressed in a similar fashion, were smiling at her.

    It was as if a magnetic force surrounded her that made it hard to look away.

    Su Dan smiled as she greeted the man. "Chief Wang, please don't make fun of me like that."

    After chatting briefly with the man closest to her, she nodded at the others.

    The man, known as Chief Wang, then turned to look at Xia Yunyun and the other woman next to her. "Are these two ladies your friends?"

    Su Dan nodded. "Yes. They're Xia Yunyun and Li Li."

    Lin Yiqian had always hated occasions like this where people had to make small talk. Since she had nothing to do with them, Lin Yiqian decisively started walking toward the exit.

    Suddenly, one of the middle-aged men in Su Dan's group noticed her.

    "Aren't you going to introduce us to that beautiful lady?"

    He was speaking in a flirtatious tone that Lin Yiqian found hard to ignore.

    As Lin Yiqian stopped walking, Su Dan's eyes coincidentally landed on her.

    "I don't know her very well," Su Dan replied to the middle-aged man.

    "She's the wife of Mega's CEO. How could you possibly not know her?" Xia Yunyun interrupted.

    It was clearly a faked expression of surprise.

    In fact, she was being sarcastic by saying Lin Yiqian could easily be ignored.

    Hearing this, the group of men all turned to face Lin Yiqian. "Ahh, so this is the wife of Mega's CEO. Indeed, she is as beautiful as the rumors had claimed."

    Lin Yiqian's dark hair was so long it reached her waist. With two strands of hair resting loosely behind her ears, while the rest dangled behind her back, the contrast of her black hair and the orange dress made her seem even fairer.

    Her beauty was perhaps even more perfectly depicted in person than by any work of sculpture.

    At that moment, her side was facing a group of people near Su Dan. However, it was sufficient to attract everyone's attention away from Su Dan.

    Without even speaking, she had already stolen the thunder.

    As Su Dan's facial expression changed, Xia Yunyun suddenly began to speak, "Oh right, Su Dan. Didn't the Lim family ask you to endorse their products?"

    "I heard that the Lin family's business is closing down. Even Chief Song wouldn't let Mr. Gu help them out," someone chipped in.

    "That's true. There are far too many people seeking my help to endorse their products. I can't possibly agree to everyone's request." Su Dan chuckled sarcastically.

    As she spoke, Su Dan turned to look at Lin Yiqian. "However, I will still think about it for Mr. Gu's sake."

    Then, she turned around and started approaching Lin Yiqian with a sense of arrogance on her face.
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