118 Miss Su Makes A Living With Her Appearance

    Lin Yiqian lips curled up. "Miss Su, you are someone who makes a living with your appearance. You can't allow yourself to be trampled over by just anyone."

    As she spoke, Lin Yiqian's eyes met with Su Dan's.

    At the same time, she was smiling in such a way as if to say that she was better than everyone in the world.

    Su Dan was not expecting Lin Yiqian to insult her directly. Therefore, her facial expression changed immediately.

    All of a sudden, Su Dan was visibly angry and embarrassed.

    "Lin Yiqian, how could you be so impolite? Su Dan is one of the most famous celebrities in the country. Who do you think you are?" Xia Yunyun fumed.

    Su Dan very quickly composed herself before a smirk appeared on her face. "I know you still hate me for rejecting your plea for help the other day. Your family business is going down the drain, that's all I'm saying.

    "However, as I've mentioned, I will help you out for Mr. Gu's sake. I'll prepare a contract and send it over later on." She continued after a pause.

    As soon as Su Dan finished speaking, she turned around and started walking away elegantly.

    "I'm truly sorry. We've already booked Na Wa," Lin Yiqian replied lazily.

    Su Dan stopped walking as she turned around to face Lin Yiqian. "Na Wa?" She was trying to stop herself from laughing as her eyebrows twitched.

    Xia Yunyun had already burst out laughing. "Hahaha... Lin Yiqian, you're such a big liar. Are you referring to someone who's impersonating as Na Wa?"

    "I just bumped into Na Wa a few days ago during a red carpet event in the capital. However, she had not mentioned anything about endorsing a crappy cosmetics brand," Su Dan continued to speak as she turned around.

    There was a look of annoyance in her eyes.

    Lin Yiqian smiled without responding to them.

    "My goodness. I have major news!" Someone shouted from the T-stage.

    "What news?"

    "Catwoman will be the last act for tonight's show."

    "How could that be?"

    The group of people near Su Dan was greatly surprised. They could not believe what they had just heard.

    All of them turned to look at the young male reporter who had just shared the news.

    Since many of them could not believe what he had just said, the reporter turned his phone around so everyone could see it on the screen. "It's true. LY's official webpage had just shared the news."

    Everyone moved closer to take a look before covering their mouths in surprise. "Oh my god. Catwoman's good friend Na Wa is coming along as well."

    Na Wa had won the role of best actress in the World Film Festival twice, consecutively. Meanwhile, Catwoman rarely attended events unless she had won a grand award. Otherwise, she would occasionally accompany Na Wa to walk on the red carpet if she had won an award of her own.

    Hence, Catwoman and Na Wa were deemed to have the strongest friendship in the world of celebrities.

    When Xia Yunyun heard that Na Wa was going to be there, her first reaction was to tease Lin Yiqian. "Lin Yiqian, I bet you didn't expect that to happen. Once Na Wa arrives, your lie will be exposed."

    "You are the only person who dares to make such a false claim."

    "Hahaha... If it's not the top brand in the world, why would Na Wa endorse it?"

    Everyone started making fun of Lin Yiqian along with Xia Yunyun.

    While ignoring the rest, Lin Yiqian continued to stare at Su Dan. "Since you know Na Wa, please share something good about our family business to her when you see her. Please do it for my husband's sake."

    After finishing her sentence, Lin Yiqian gave Su Dan a wry smile.
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