119 Looking For My Wife

    When Xia Yunyun heard Lin Yiqian asking for Su Dan's help, she was even more pleased than Su Dan. "Hehe, are you finally asking for Su Dan's help?"

    "Some things will never change. You will always seek approval from others." Lin Yiqian snorted at Xia Yunyun.

    Lin Yiqian did not allow her gaze to linger on Xia Yunyun as she immediately turned to face Su Dan. "You should probably treat me better. After all, you have expressed interest in my husband. Look at Su Miao, for instance. She has gifted me with a purse that costs 300,000 dollars."

    When Su Miao's name was mentioned, Su Dan's eyes widened as her face turned pale.

    Everyone in the world of celebrities knew what had happened to Su Miao. Basically, she could not book any shows at all. All of the shows and endorsements she had previously worked with were canceled because of the case of her adultery. In fact, she was still going through litigation in court because of what she did.

    When Li Yiqian saw Su Dan's reaction, her smile grew even wider. "I have something to attend to. Farewell."

    After bidding farewell to everyone, Lin Yiqian elegantly walked out of the hall and out of everyone's sight.


    Even as the event was about to start, Gu Nianshen still could not find Lin Yiqian in the guests' space.

    He scanned row after row but was unable to locate the bright orange dress he was looking for.

    Just as he retrieved his phone from the pocket to call Lin Yiqian, someone came over to greet him. "Mr. Gu."

    "How rare it is to find you here."

    Gu Nianshen ignored the couple who greeted him. The couple realized he was not in the mood to talk so they both walked away.

    After dialing Lin Yiqian's phone number, Gu Nianshen placed the phone next to his ear as he waited for her to pick up. Meanwhile, he continued to look around.

    "Nianshen, what are you looking for?" A familiar woman's voice could be heard.

    "Wife," Gu Nianshen replied, instantly.

    Gu Nianshen glanced at Song Changwen who had come close to him. However, his attention was fully on the phone call.

    "Did you invite Lin Yiqian to this event?" Song Changwen frowned.

    She seemed somewhat unhappy.

    "I'm attending an event with my wife. What's wrong with that?" Gu Nianshen replied with a frown.

    His rhetorical question nearly made Song Changwen fume. However, she suppressed her emotions as they were still out in public.

    "Your call cannot be answered at the moment."

    After a long while, the recorded response was all he got.

    'Where has this dumb woman gone to?'

    Gu Nianshen put his phone down as he urgently walked toward the T-stage. As he looked at the crowd, he felt a little lost and panicked.

    After searching around once more, he still could not find Lin Yiqian. Despite calling multiple times, he would always receive the recorded response.

    "Gu Nianshen, look at yourself!"

    Song Changwen could not stand it any longer as she gave him the side-eye as she walked past.

    She would not speak to him any further.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen completely ignored Song Changwen as he started to call Qi Shaodong on the phone.

    While he waited for Qi Shaodong to pick up, he started walking out of the event venue.

    "Gu Nianshen, it's been a long time."

    As soon as he made it to the exit, he bumped into two women who were holding each other's hand. One of them greeted him excitedly when she saw him.

    Gu Nianshen found her face strangely familiar. After frowning for a moment, he finally recalled that she was one of his high school classmates, Xia Yunyun.

    "Have you seen Lin Yiqian?" He asked instantly.

    Since she was his high school classmate, that meant she was Lin Yiqian's high school classmate too.
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