120 My Wife Doesnt Need to Demand Respect from Anyone

    When Xia Yunyun heard Lin Yiqian's name, she immediately snorted. "Oh... I saw her earlier. She even scolded Su Dan because of rumors between you and her."

    "What did you say?" Gu Nianshen's eyes lit up.

    He had spoken in a higher pitch than usual.

    One could sense he was somewhat upset. Xia Yunyun actually thought he was angry at Lin Yiqian for yelling at Su Dan. Hence, she started to rub salt onto the wound. "She yelled at Su Dan for being shameless. To be honest, Su Dan is truly kind. Not only did she not get upset, but she had also even agreed to help the Lin family's business by endorsing their products.

    "However, I think Lin Yiqian needs to stop acting so arrogant. She even lied that she managed to book Na Wa to endorse her products and thus, no longer needed Su Dan's service."

    Xia Yunyun was not holding back at all as she continued to insult Lin Yiqian in front of Gu Nianshen. "What's the point of doing that? Su Dan was offering her help because of you. And yet, Lin Yiqian took advantage of that and..."

    Gu Nianshen snorted loudly as he interrupted Xia Yunyun. "My wife doesn't need to demand respect from anyone."

    He sounded very proud and dominant.

    Xia Yunyun was taken aback by his sudden comment as she froze for a long while.

    Apart from fear, Xia Yunyun also felt confused as to why Gu Nianshen would protect Lin Yiqian.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen ignored Xia Yunyun and continued to walk out of the door. Coincidentally, Qi Shaodong appeared.

    "Boss, did you manage to locate Mrs. Gu?"

    Gu Nianshen did not reply Qi Shaodong as he slowed down and slipped his hands into his pockets. As he walked, he lowered his head as if deep in thought.

    'What was going on?' Qi Shaodong wondered.

    Earlier, Gu Nianshen was still frantically looking for Lin Yiqian. All of a sudden, he seemed so deflated.

    Qi Shaodong was concerned and curious at the same time.

    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen raised his head. "Qi Shaodong."

    "What's up?"

    "A woman..."

    Gu Nianshen said a few words before pausing.

    Qi Shaodong rolled his eyes silently as he smiled. "Boss, you can just say Mrs. Gu's name. It will be easier that way."

    Gu Nianshen pretended to change the topic when he realized Qi Shaodong had read his mind. "File charges against the media companies that have made up stories about me. Make it known that whoever writes false news about me will be sued in court."

    "Got it. I'll do so immediately." Qi Shaodong nodded.

    Gu Nianshen was going to nip things in the bud for Lin Yiqian.

    However, Qi Shaodong believed that Gu Nianshen would still act tough in front of Lin Yiqian.

    As Gu Nianshen stopped walking, he leaned against the wall while he rested his chin on his arm and frowned for a long while.

    Then, he lifted his head to give Qi Shaodong an order. "Give her a call and ask her where she's at right now."

    Qi Shaodong was speechless.

    Lin Yiqian was Gu Nianshen's wife. Why should Qi Shaodong call her?

    However, Qi Shaodong did not have a choice as he was Gu Nianshen's employee.

    With a grunt, Qi Shaodong whipped out his phone and unlocked it. Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen began to peek at the screen on his phone.

    When Gu Nianshen saw that Lin Yiqian's number had been dialed, he nearly wanted to snatch the phone away from Qi Shaodong.

    "Mrs. Gu, where are you?"

    'Did she pick up?'

    Gu Nianshen's eyes widened as he became upset.

    This dumb woman had intentionally ignored his call but was willing to pick up his assistant's call.

    "Oh, okay."

    As Gu Nianshen did not know what Lin Yiqian had told Qi Shaodong, he could only wait until Qi Shaodong finally ended the call.

    "Where is she?" Gu Nianshen walked closer to Qi Shaodong.
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