122 The Outcome of Being Blacklisted by the Entire Industry

    Lin Yiqian's stylist and clothing designer were both from her own team. Everyone on her team knew at least two languages, mainly English and Chinese. Wherever she needed to be for events, they would be there.

    As she sat in front of the mirror, Lin Yiqian looked at her own reflection through a pair of dark blue contact lenses.

    The brightly glowing cat-mask had allowed her to transform into a completely different person. She was now in a world of her own.

    "Catwoman, you're next. You may get ready now." A handsome male assistant picked up the phone before he got close to Lin Yiqian and informed her softly.

    Lin Yiqian nodded as she pulled herself out of the chair to get dressed.

    Suddenly, there was a sound of something being smashed next door.


    Lin Yiqian could not tell what had been smashed on the ground.

    It happened so suddenly that Lin Yiqian was taken by surprise. She stopped moving and turned to look at her assistant. "What's happening next door?"

    "I think it's a famous actress who is supposed to be one of the models tonight. She refused to go on stage because her accessories have been changed," the assistant answered.

    "Is this the one she wanted to wear?" Hearing this, Lin Yiqian lifted the light blue crystal necklace around her neck.

    She sounded firm.

    Then, a cunning smile appeared on her face.

    "That's right. The Blue Whale is LY's 10th anniversary design. It is the highlight of this show. Previously, Actress Su was the designated model to wear it."

    After the assistant had spoken, he carefully looked into Catwoman's mysterious ocean blue eyes.

    He could not tell what she was thinking and did not dare to stare any longer.

    Except for Bai Se, everyone who worked for Catwoman treated her solely as their boss.

    Even those who had worked with her for a long time did not know about her personal life or how she looked.

    She was a mystery in the entertainment industry.

    It was this mysteriousness that made people feel distant and fear to obstruct her in any way.

    Although some people had tried in the past, they ended up being blacklisted by the entire entertainment industry.

    After listening to the assistant's reply, Lin Yiqian smiled yet again.

    "Let's go and have a look." Lin Yiqian said as she started walking out of her dressing room.

    As she had yet to change into her stage attire, Lin Yiqian was still wearing her silk-white pajamas.

    "If we can't proceed as agreed in the contract, we will have to meet in court."

    Lin Yiqian had just arrived at the door as Su Dan walked out of her own dressing room.

    Su Dan was still wearing the black gown from earlier when the two met as a group of people followed her out of the room.

    A middle-aged Caucasian reached for Su Dan's arm as he tried to say something apologetically. However, she ignored him and pushed his hand away. "I won't go on stage unless I get to wear the Blue Whale. You are the ones who have gone against the contract."

    Su Dan's assistant seemed equally upset as he began to interact with the foreign managers. "It is your fault, LY, for messing this up. Do you think you can bully us like that?"

    The people surrounding Su Dan were clearly apologizing because of the tight schedule. The models were about to go on stage.

    However, Su Dan crossed her arms tightly at her chest as she refused to negotiate.

    Lin Yiqian leaned against the frame of the door lazily as she observed the situation for a moment. After a while, she smiled as a cunning look appeared on her face.

    Then, Lin Yiqian straightened her back and started walking toward Su Dan.
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