123 Who Was the Senior?

    Lin Yiqian's strong presence could be felt almost instantly when she started walking. "Cat... Catwoman."

    The group of people surrounding Su Dan began to look at Lin Yiqian who had her cat-mask on. Her long golden hair flowed behind her with fringes on both sides that gave her a slightly young and hip look.

    Her pajamas clung loosely to her body, giving off a lazy yet alluring vibe.

    The light blue diamond necklace around her neck seemed unusually glittery against her fair skin. Next to the main diamond were two smaller diamonds located perfectly next to her collarbones, glistening with different intensity of brightness as she walked.

    Most of the people there were seeing Catwoman in person for the first time. Their eyes were wide open as they could not believe that Catwoman was really standing in front of them.

    Lin Yiqian walked over to the Caucasian whose hand Su Dan had just pushed away. "Sandy."

    As soon as she spoke, everyone believed that she was indeed Catwoman.

    Her voice was as unique as her name.

    "Oh my god. Is that really Catwoman?"

    "She's so tall and slim. Her eyes are beautiful."

    Xia Yunyun stared at Lin Yiqian as she stood next to Su Dan.

    She looked like a fan who had just met her greatest idol.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at her before returning her gaze to Sandy. "Sandy, won't you introduce me to these people?"

    Sandy immediately responded. "This is Su Dan, the actress who had just won the Baimei award for best actress."

    Concerned that Lin Yiqian might not know what the Baimei award was, Sandy added, "She's the female protagonist of a popular film that was sold two billion dollars at the box office in China alone."

    Lin Yiqian appeared surprised. "Two billion at the box office... That's nearly as much as the amount I earn from attending a hundred events."

    Hearing this, everyone excluding Sandy and Catwoman's employees gasped.

    No one had expected that Catwoman would earn twenty million dollars for every event she attended.

    Even actresses like Su Dan would only earn five million dollars for each event. That meant that Catwoman earned at least four to five times more than she did.

    In fact, Su Dan only earned this much during the peak seasons.

    Several questions popped into their minds. How much did Catwoman earn for her voice-over and endorsement gigs?

    Their eyes were wide open as they pondered.

    In the country, two billion dollars' worth of sales was quite a large sum. Moreover, Su Dan was still very young. Most of the other famous celebrities would admire her achievement. However, compared to Catwoman, it was nothing more than a hundred event appearances for Catwoman.

    The most important fact was how Lin Yiqian's words thoroughly embarrassed Su Dan.

    While Su Dan felt furious, she clenched her fists as she tried to control her temper. "I'm new to the scene. Naturally, I can't be compared to Catwoman who happens to be my senior," Su Dan replied with a smile.

    Lin Yiqian shook her head humbly. "I wouldn't dare to take credit for that. I have only started working in this industry when I was nineteen. By now, it would have already been five years. However, I believe if you stay in this industry for five years, you would definitely achieve much more than I did."


    Anyone who knew Su Dan was aware that she was a second-generation celebrity. She had started acting in smaller roles since the time she was in high school. Although those were mostly minor appearances, she would still be considered as having been in this industry for at least seven to eight years.

    Who was the senior?

    Su Dan's face turned red with embarrassment.
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