124 Uniquely Famous Catwoman

    Right then, an employee ran over to speak to Sandy. "Our big boss is getting upset. An entire song has already been sung."

    Hearing this, Sandy could no longer maintain his composure. He immediately exerted pressure on Su Dan's manager. "We are sorry for making changes to your accessories at the last minute. However, we only promised to let you wear the Blue Whale on verbal terms. It is not written on the contract. If you refuse to go on stage, we are not afraid of bringing this to the court."

    All of a sudden, his tone of voice had changed. Both Su Dan and her manager began to look fearful.

    However, Su Dan was still unhappy, especially after being embarrassed by Catwoman.

    So, she raised her chin proudly as if to say she would not compromise.

    "Miss Su, are you really refusing to go on stage because of the Blue Whale?" Lin Yiqian pretended to ask in a doubtful tone.

    Su Dan's manager seemed even more upset than Su Dan herself. "The Blue Whale was supposed to be worn by Su Dan. You were the one who took it away."

    Before Lin Yiqian's assistant could react, Sandy interrupted, "Please be respectful. Catwoman is our CEO's special guest."

    Su Dan felt even more undermined by Sandy taking a firm stance against her.

    It was impossible for her to compromise now.

    As Su Dan was about to walk away, Lin Yiqian called out her name. "Miss Su."

    Su Dan stopped as her fists tightened.

    "I really didn't know." Lin Yiqian looked at her with an innocent expression.

    Lin Yiqian had acting skills as well.

    "But it's alright. As a senior, I think I should give newcomers the opportunity. After all, at my level, it doesn't matter what kind of accessory I wear on stage." Lin Yiqian sounded apologetic.

    As Lin Yiqian spoke, she carefully removed the necklace around her neck.

    Then, she slowly approached Su Dan from behind and moved the necklace around her neck. Gently, she put the necklace on Su Dan.

    Everyone felt even more respectful toward Catwoman.

    Indeed, with her level of fame, it did not matter what accessories she wore on stage. Catwoman was already uniquely famous.

    However, who would not want to have the best of everything? Even so, Catwoman was willing to give the most prized accessory to a newcomer. She was way too nice.

    "Miss Catwoman..."

    Sandy was very surprised by Lin Yiqian's action and wanted to stop her.

    However, Lin Yiqian had already clipped the necklace on Su Dan's neck. Then, she continued to remove her earrings and passed them to Su Dan's manager.

    Not only did Su Dan not refuse her offer, she even felt that it was her right to accept it.

    After she had put on both the necklace and earrings, Su Dan snapped at Lin Yiqian. "You're not the one who had given me an opportunity. This already belonged to me."

    Lin Yiqian nodded with a smile. "You may think however you please."


    Just as everyone was admiring Lin Yiqian's generosity, Gu Nianshen smiled as he had witnessed the entire scene.

    As he looked at Catwoman's deep blue eyes, he thought that she must be the most cunning woman alive.

    She could perhaps be compared to Lin Yiqian.

    Everyone had only seen how she had accepted Su Miao's gift of a 300,000 dollar purse. They thought she was not being treated right in the Gu family. Who would think about Gu Nianshen and his family's reputation?

    He had been blamed for mistreating his wife, going out with another woman the night after he had gotten married, and allowing the partner he cheated with to bully his wife.

    Lin Yiqian clearly knew that once the news came out, Gu Nianshen would not be able to ignore whatever Su Miao had done.
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