126 Bosses Are Meant To Be Ruthless

    Song Changwen sounded awfully sarcastic.

    "Did your wife elope with another man?" She asked after Gu Nianshen had sat down.

    "I'm sorry to disappoint you but she is currently bedridden. I expect that you will be able to hold your grandson in your arms next year. Tell your little brother to give up." Gu Nianshen smiled elegantly.

    Then, he turned away from Song Changwen as he shifted his gaze to the T-stage.

    His words nearly drove his mother crazy.

    Song Changwen gritted her teeth. As she was conscious of her surrounding environment, she inched closer to Gu Nianshen before reprimanding him in a soft tone. "How dare you terminate the contract with the Cullinan for the Lin family?"

    Gu Nianshen shrugged. "Bosses are meant to be this ruthless. It's just like how you made the Lin family lose their sales with a single sentence."

    "Gu Nianshen, I think you've gone mad..." Song Changwen felt as if she would soon pass out.

    "Shh... Mother, enjoy the show." Gu Nianshen interrupted.

    Gu Nianshen gestured with his finger for her to keep quiet before pointing at the stage.

    The lights were turned on once again as an employee from LY began to introduce LY's products. "Up next, we have the long-awaited Catwoman!"

    "Catwoman will be showcasing our romantic series of Pink Candy accessories."

    Someone in the crowd cheered loudly when Catwoman was announced to go on stage.

    Swiftly after, an artistic array of lights appeared in the center of the stage as a cloud of white mist began to float upward.

    A woman's figure could be vaguely seen in the mist. She was wearing a long body-hugging black dress which made her curves stand out even more. Her strong presence immediately silenced the audience.

    Nearly everyone was holding their breath right then.

    The sound of fans chattering could be heard.

    "Didn't they say that Catwoman would be wearing the Blue Whale for the grand finale?"

    "Haven't you heard? Su Dan was causing a scene and would not let her have the Blue Whale. In the end, Catwoman was kind enough to compromise and let Su Dan have the Blue Whale for the grand finale."

    "Oh my god. How could Su Dan be compared to Catwoman?"

    "However, Catwoman is famous enough not to need any piece of accessory. As long as she's on stage, she would be the center of attention."

    "But I've changed my perception of Su Dan. Isn't she afraid that Catwoman's fans would hate her for what she did?"

    A few young men and women were openly cursing Su Dan in the back.

    Gu Nianshen turned around to look at them as they immediately went quiet.


    "Why have you stopped?" Gu Nianshen frowned.

    As a picture of Gu Nianshen and Su Dan had gone viral earlier in the day, the young men and women thought he was upset and wanted to defend Su Dan.

    Every single one of them looked fearful as they tried to explain themselves. "Mr. Gu, we were only spewing nonsense."

    "I'm being serious." Gu Nianshen looked upset.

    'Can't these people tell from my facial expression?' He thought.

    As Catwoman walked onto the stage, photographers began to snap pictures of her as camera lights started to flash.

    Lin Yiqian gracefully walked across the stage and stopped at the edge of the stage before striking a pose for the crowd.

    "Next, let's see who Catwoman will give the pink rose to." The host spoke as he held the microphone in his hand.

    Each model would hold a rose in their hand which matched the color of the accessory they were wearing. At the end of their walk on the stage, they would give the rose to a random person in the audience.

    This was actually a meaningful interactive session that the organizers had planned. Since Lin Yiqian was wearing a pink diamond ring, the rose in her hand was pink as well.
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