127 Refusing to Live the Dreams of Millions

    As Lin Yiqian stood at the edge of the T-stage, she scanned the audience. The mask on her face glistened as the brightness of the lights around her changed from time to time.

    Her gaze finally landed on a man who sat in the VIP section as the corner of her lips curled upward.

    She then started walking in quick steps down the stage.

    When everyone noticed that she was heading toward Gu Nianshen, members of the audience began to scream out loud.

    "Oh god, Catwoman is walking toward our CEO, Mr. Gu." The host exclaimed on stage.


    When Gu Nianshen heard his name being called out, he subconsciously looked up to see a tall and slender woman walking toward her with a pink-colored rose in her hand.

    He frowned slightly as he felt disgusted by what was happening.

    The spotlights in the hall were all pointed at the two of them and seemed brighter than the stars in the sky.

    Lin Yiqian walked gracefully to Gu Nianshen. Without even asking if he was willing, she directly placed the rose in his hand before turning around elegantly. With a hand on her waist, she started walking away on the stage.

    As Gu Nianshen saw Catwoman walking away nonchalantly, he slowly lowered his gaze to the rose in his hand.

    'Could Mrs. Gu be sad because of what Su Dan had said...?'

    Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled what Qi Shaodong had said. Without any hesitation, he tossed the rose on the ground as if it had scorched his hand.

    Everyone saw what he did right then.

    Mega's CEO had thrown away the rose given by Catwoman. He had refused to live the dreams of millions of Catwoman's male fans.

    What a ruthless man!

    Despite getting what everyone wanted, he thought nothing of it.

    The situation had suddenly become awkward...

    The host immediately tried to resolve the awkward situation. "Up next, we have the grand finale. Baimei's award-winning actress, Su Dan, will be showcasing the Blue Whale that LY's leading designer had spent ten years to design."

    The Blue Whale was the highlight of the show and also the highlight of the entire event.

    After hearing what the host had said, everyone shifted their attention back to the stage.

    "The Blue Whale is our only design in the spirit of pure love. The designer had created it after being inspired by two whales that had grown up together. The idea itself had sprung from the purest and most beautiful form of love."

    Following the host's introductions, an artistic array of lights appeared on stage as an intricately-designed chair gradually descended from above. A young lady in a white wedding gown was sitting on it. At the same time, the pair of white wings behind her made her appear almost like an angel who had descended from heaven.

    Almost everyone held their breaths as they were stunned by the beautiful sight.

    Apart from her outfit, the necklace, earrings, and the light blue diamond ring she wore were equally eye-catching.

    As the chair finally landed on the ground, Su Dan stretched her arms lazily before standing up.

    Instantly, Su Dan took to the T-stage and began to walk like a professional model with a hand on her waist.

    Gu Nianshen stared at the necklace around Su Dan's neck.

    The sound of the host's voice resounded in his ears. "The idea itself had sprung from the purest and most beautiful form of love..."

    Subconsciously, he placed his arm on the armrest before resting his chin on his hand.

    It was the song he liked that she softly hummed along to on the beautiful spring morning...

    It was her bright orange outfit on the hot summer day which caught his attention...

    Or perhaps it was warm moonglow on a cool autumn night that shined on her back...

    Or could it be the perfect blend between her white cotton sweater and the winter snow, coupled with her warm smile as she approached the elderly woman on the street who was selling sweet potatoes?
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