129 She Wants To Exchange A Rose For You

    As Gu Nianshen saw Su Dan walking over to him, his eyes widened as his instinct for survival kicked in, forcing him to turn to look at Lin Yiqian.

    Although Gu Nianshen opened his mouth to speak, no words came out.

    While he remained in the state of dilemma, Su Dan eventually arrived in front of them.

    It had become eerily quiet in the hall.

    Everyone was holding their breaths as they anticipated what would happen next.

    Although the foreigners did not know what was going on, they expressed equal excitement on their faces.

    Gu Nianshen lifted his arm on Lin Yiqian's side as he intended to hold her hand. However, in the end, he did not do so. Instead, he rested his cheek against his hand.

    Despite the calm look on his face, he was panicking on the inside.

    As Su Dan stood in front of Gu Nianshen, she first observed his face. Just as everyone thought she was going to give the rose to him, she suddenly raised her hand and extended the rose to Lin Yiqian.

    "This flower goes to Mrs. Gu, of course."

    With an elegant smile on her face, Su Dan held the blue rose in front of Lin Yiqian. "Mrs. Gu, you've said that I should treat you better."

    When Lin Yiqian heard this, she turned to look at Gu Nianshen in a naive and innocent manner. "Gu Nianshen, she would like to exchange the rose for you... Are you willing to accept it?"

    Lin Yiqian's eyes were almost as clear as water, especially when she was trying to act all innocent.

    One could not even tell that she was pretending.

    'What's going on?'

    Gu Nianshen frowned as he looked at Lin Yiqian in confusion.

    However, most of the audience could understand what Lin Yiqian had said. She meant that Su Dan was trying to get closer to Gu Nianshen by being nice to her.

    In other words, Su Dan wanted to ask for Lin Yiqian's permission to take her husband away from her.

    Su Dan's facial expression turned awkward as she forced a smile. "Mrs. Gu, you can't make jokes like that."

    There was a look of hatred in Su Dan's eyes.

    After taking a pause, Su Dan continued. "However, I know that you like to joke anyway. Not too long ago, you even claimed that the Lin family has managed to hire Na Wa to endorse your products."

    As Su Dan spoke, she looked around at the audience with a wry smile on her face.

    When everyone heard what she said, they gasped in surprise. Aside from the fact that Lin Yiqian and Song Changwen were in the midst of competing against each other, and that Gu Nianshen was not allowed to help her out, there was no way the Lin family business could afford to hire Na Wa who was a major celebrity. Even with Mega's support, this seemed quite unlikely.

    Lin Quan was at the most ranked between the first- and second-tier among businesses in the country. Meanwhile, Na Wa was a world-renowned celebrity.

    For Mega, this was perhaps a reasonable match. However, comparing Lin Quan with Na Wa would only affect the latter's reputation. Even if Na Wa's managing company agreed, she would not agree to it.

    "Yeah, we all heard what Mrs. Gu had said before the event began," someone chipped in.

    It seemed that Mrs. Gu really was blowing her own trumpet.

    One person after another began to speak against Lin Yiqian. Nevertheless, the three members of the Gu family remained calm.

    Song Changwen was able to remain calm because she knew her son very well.

    "Did I hear my name being called?"

    Suddenly, a low-pitched female's voice could be heard. She had spoken in an American accent.

    As everyone turned to look at the person who spoke, the light suddenly became brighter in the hall. When everyone saw who the person was, they were all shocked.

    She was a Caucasian woman around twenty-five years old who was 170cm tall with long blonde hair. Her light blue eyes were almost as blue as the clear blue sky and seemed to be able to charm everyone who saw them.
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