132 Call Me Husband

    But... Why was he doing this?

    However, Lin Yiqian raised her head and looked at the man next to her as if she had suddenly got the point.

    He was still the same old Gu Nianshen. There was nothing different about him...

    Seeing how Gu Nianshen was not responding positively to any of his tactics, Su Dan's manager began to try them on her instead.

    As Su Dan was a proud and arrogant person, she would naturally not want to dance for Lin Yiqian. It would be the most embarrassing thing in her life.

    Since they were forcing her to do it, Su Dan decided to go all out. "Gu Nianshen, stop pretending to be all lovey-dovey. Even your biological sister says that you and Lin Yiqian sleep in different rooms. It's all because she had slept with your uncle many times and had even followed him overseas. You've always felt disgusted by that and therefore never slept with her..."

    Su Dan was saying very mean things. A coldness flashed in Lin Yiqian's eyes. Suddenly, someone charged over to Su Dan and slapped her across the face.


    Su Dan could feel her cheek turning hot.

    Lin Yiqian stared at Song Changwen with her eyes wide open.

    "Young lady, if you think that your mouth doesn't stink enough, you may stuff yourself with some poop. However, please mind your words." Song Changwen glared at Su Dan.

    It was a threatening warning. Su Dan jerked away as her jaw dropped and her face turned red.

    The audience went silent.

    Everyone in the Gu family was a threat.

    It applied to both the old and the young in the family.

    However, Lin Yiqian was surprised that Song Changwen would directly hit Su Dan. She had only thought that Song Changwen would speak out.

    After all, Su Dan had insulted both her son and her younger brother.

    The mark of five fingers gradually appeared on Su Dan's face after being slapped.

    The entire crowd became quiet.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned for a moment before she turned to look at Gu Nianshen. "Gu Nianshen."

    "Call me husband!" Gu Nianshen turned to look at her and silently warned.

    Almost immediately, Gu Nianshen lifted Lin Yiqian's chin with a single hand as he pressed his lips against hers.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen raised his other hand and placed it behind Lin Yiqian's waist before pulling him close to her. His action caused Lin Yiqian to subconsciously stand on her tiptoes.

    As Lin Yiqian's thoughts were interrupted, she could feel everyone looking at them. Panic began to seep into her.

    With her hand lifted, she was about to push Gu Nianshen away.

    However, she could clearly feel his heartbeat, the warmth and the smell on his body.

    This was everything she had ever dreamed of. Gradually, she stopped moving.

    As Lin Yiqian looked into her eyes, she felt as if she was staring into a deep abyss. However, even if she knew there was an abyss, she would willingly jump into it.

    In fact, she would wait for him in the abyss and hope that something good would come out of it.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian had forgotten all about Xiaoyu. All she could think of was this man in front of her who had complete control over her every single emotion during her teenage years.

    This man from her past had always been able to stir up the deepest emotions within her with a single glance or smile.
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