133 His Gentle Behavior Was All an Ac

    Bittersweet memories began to flood Lin Yiqian's mind. She was reminded of the nostalgic moments in the past.

    Her hand that was dangling in the air slowly reached behind the man's shoulders as she pressed herself tightly against him.

    She hated the fact that she was not strong enough to squeeze him tighter against her body. How she wished she could claim him all for herself.

    Before she knew it, her eyes were filled with tears.

    When Gu Nianshen noticed it, his body froze as he instantly recovered from the state of jealousy.

    He quickly pulled his lips away from Lin Yiqian's.

    As Lin Yiqian opened her eyes, she looked right into Gu Nianshen's cold stare. All of a sudden, she felt as if she had woken up from a dream as her hand slipped away from his back.

    Although she was ready to pull away, Gu Nianshen suddenly circled his hand around her left wrist and pulled her close into his arms. With a smile, he looked around at the cameras being held by the reporters around them before turning to face Su Dan and her manager. "I admire your courage, Miss Su. However, you may have to pay a bigger price for what you have done."

    Then, he pulled Lin Yiqian along as he headed for the exit.

    Lin Yiqian did not resist him. Throughout the entire process, she continued to stare at his face from the side. His gentle behavior was all an act, and she was willingly playing along.

    The inspiration Lin Yiqian derived from Gu Nianshen caused her to play a role all on her own.

    After leaving the hall, Gu Nianshen let go of Lin Yiqian's hand. As she snapped out of her own thoughts, she subconsciously pulled her hand away from Gu Nianshen.

    With her head lowered, she placed her hand over her mouth.

    While Gu Nianshen glanced at Lin Yiqian in a cold and distant manner, he did not say anything.

    Right then, a man in his thirties came running toward them with a few people behind him. When he saw Gu Nianshen, he picked up his pace and started speaking apologetically, "Mr. Gu, I'm sorry for being late."

    Lin Yiqian recognized the man as an important figure in the entertainment industry. He was the heir of Jing Se Media, Jing Yuling, who owned the company that Su Dan worked for.

    When Lin Yiqian saw how Jing Yuling was apologizing to Gu Nianshen, she was genuinely surprised by how powerful Mega was. With such a huge foundation of businesses, Mega was bound to have dominion over all other industries.

    "The artists in your company are indeed amazing." Gu Nianshen snorted as he looked at Jing Yuling.

    Then, Gu Nianshen's facial expression turned gloomy as he immediately started walking toward the exit.

    "I will definitely make it up to you, Mr. Gu." Jing Yuling was still apologizing as he looked at Gu Nianshen from the back.

    After making his promise, Jing Yuling turned to face Lin Yiqian as he smiled. "Tonight, a member of our company has offended you greatly. I sincerely hope for your forgiveness."

    It was a very diplomatic apology. Lin Yiqian smiled without saying a word.

    She then followed after Gu Nianshen. However, she maintained a small distance behind him as she walked.

    As they both stepped out of the shopping mall, they noticed that there were not many people out in the open field. Although it was already nine o'clock, the lights were still brightly lit around the vicinity.

    Originally, Gu Nianshen's driver was waiting near the exit of the event venue. By now, he had also made his way out to meet Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian.

    Seeing that the car was parked by the street, Gu Nianshen immediately walked over to open the door. However, instead of getting into the car, he opened the glove compartment to retrieve a pack of cigarettes before placing one in his mouth.

    The driver quickly located a lighter before passing it to Gu Nianshen.

    As the cigarette lit up, Gu Nianshen held it with two of his fingers as he inhaled deeply before lifting his head and blowing out a cloud of smoke.
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