134 Physical Attraction Comes Before Emotional Connection

    Gu Nianshen was trying to get rid of the annoyance he felt in his heart.

    This was the first time Lin Yiqian had seen Gu Nianshen smoking. Instantly, the untainted impression of Gu Nianshen was wiped away. Right then, Gu Nianshen frowned as if he was being bothered by an endless list of problems.

    Lin Yiqian folded her arms as she stood in front of him and looked at him.

    She saw how he took one puff after another before exhaling the smoke in his mouth.

    Finally, he had reached the end of the cigarette. He flung the cigarette to the ground and snuffed it out with the tip of his shoe.

    Then, he lifted his head and looked at the driver directly without meeting Lin Yiqian's eyes. "Send her home."

    It was a mindless order. Gu Nianshen then retrieved his phone as if he was about to make a call.

    However, he still did not look at Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian covered her mouth and lowered her head so that he would not see the bitter expression on her face.

    After a moment, she lifted her head before gently shaking it. "It's okay. You can have the driver. I have to meet Na Wa to discuss something related to work with her. She only has two hours left."

    Before Gu Nianshen could react, Lin Yiqian immediately turned around and walked back into the shopping mall.

    The way she moved seemed calm and composed as if she had not been bothered by what happened earlier at all.

    After entering the shopping mall, Lin Yiqian picked up her pace. In a swift motion, she charged up to the second floor before entering a restroom.

    As she stood in front of the basin, she turned on the tap and continually splashed water against her face.

    Finally, when she felt her entire face going numb, she turned off the tap to stop the pouring water. As she straightened her back to look at her reflection in the mirror, she smiled.

    She took several steps backward and leaned against the wall.

    Suddenly, her phone started ringing in her purse. Realizing that her thoughts had been interrupted, Lin Yiqian unhurriedly took her phone out.

    Na Wa's name appeared on the screen.

    Lin Yiqian took a moment to recollect herself before picking up the call. "Hey."

    "My dear, I'm so sorry I couldn't even greet you directly." It was Na Wa's familiar voice.

    Na Wa sounded more regretful than sorry.

    Indirectly, Lin Yiqian felt consoled by her tone. "I'm very thankful that you could make it," Lin Yiqian said with a frown.

    "Don't worry about it. I have already announced our working relationship on all social media platforms. I will deal with Bai Se directly on everything related to the shooting activities."

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    "Oh, right. There's something I should let you know," Na Wa added.

    "What is it?" Lin Yiqian asked curiously.

    "Your handsome husband came looking for me before the event started."

    "Why did he look for you?"

    "He had asked me to endorse your company. In fact, he even offered a hundred million for the endorsement fee."

    A hundred million...

    Lin Yiqian was speechless. She refused to believe it. However, she knew that Na Wa would not lie to her.

    However, why would Gu Nianshen do such a thing?

    "He's still very handsome. Perhaps you could treat him like a friend-with-benefits," Na Wa said.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    Within a few minutes, this woman had revealed her true self.

    Before Na Wa could say anything else, Lin Yiqian interrupted her. "My dear, your time is precious. I shall not bug you any longer. I love you. I'm hanging up now."

    As Lin Yiqian finished her sentence and was about to hang up, Na Wa continued to speak, "Baby, please consider my suggestion. He's such a handsome man. Between physical attraction and emotional connection, I would choose physical attraction."
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