135 Live Happily As Gu Nianshens Wife

    Lin Yiqian did not want to hear any more of what Na Wa had to say as she immediately hung up.

    Then, she snorted at the phone.

    She was known to prioritize physical attraction since she was eighteen.

    After chatting with Na Wa, Lin Yiqian felt much better. It was great to have such a friend around. Although they rarely contacted each other, Na Wa would always show up at important moments.

    However... Why would Gu Nianshen think of looking for Na Wa?

    Lin Yiqian dropped her hands as she leaned her head against the wall once again. In her mind, she replayed the scene earlier when she and Gu Nianshen kissed.

    It was the same bittersweet feeling.

    She wished she could be more naive and oblivious. If she were, she would be able to live happily as Gu Nianshen's wife.


    As the shopping mall was closed at ten o'clock, most of the crowd had already left by now. Lin Yiqian was getting ready to walk out of the main entrance.

    Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound from her right. "Chief Lin."

    Fang Heyang was the only person who would address her this way.

    As Lin Yiqian stopped walking, she turned to look in the direction where the sound had come from. Immediately, Fang Heyang came into sight. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a black cap worn backward. Right then, he was no longer wearing his spectacles. In that instant, he no longer seemed like the fresh graduate that he once was.

    If he had not addressed her in the way he did, and if not for his familiar voice, Lin Yiqian might not have recognized him at first sight.

    There were two other young men next to Fang Heyang dressed in a similar fashion.

    When he saw Lin Yiqian had turned to face him, Fang Heyang hastened his footsteps. "What a coincidence, Chief Lin."

    As he smiled, his perfectly white teeth were revealed.

    He gave off a clean and vibrant aura.

    Seeing that Fang Heyang was with a group of friends, she nodded at him and was prepared to leave.

    Suddenly, the young man on Fang Heyang's right took a step forward and stared at Lin Yiqian. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Hey, Heyang, who is this beautiful lady?"

    "She looks very familiar. But I can't quite remember where I've seen her before." The other person chipped in.

    "Pretty lady, I mean it. This is definitely not a pick-up line. I'm not that old-fashioned," he added.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    From the way these two men behaved, Lin Yiqian could only imagine Fang Heyang was equally as dandy as they were.

    To be honest, she had guessed so since the day she saw him with his motorbike. Lin Yiqian definitely could not judge him based on the first impression he gave her.

    "Don't worry. I won't be late." Fang Heyang nodded.

    "Hey pretty lady, do you mind adding me on Wechat?" One of the two men next to Fang Heyang suddenly asked Lin Yiqian with a chuckle.

    Before Lin Yiqian said anything, Fang Heyang gave the man a look of warning. "The two of you can get lost now."

    He seemed really pissed now.

    Even Lin Yiqian was slightly taken aback. Fang Heyang seemed to have become serious in almost a split second.

    His two friends immediately stopped smiling and put their phones away. "Alright, we're leaving."

    As soon as they spoke, they started walking away.

    Fang Heyang continued to stare unhappily at the two men before returning his gaze to Lin Yiqian.

    "Chief Lin, I'm sure you were here for LY's event, weren't you?" He smiled once again.

    "Yeah." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    Based on her identity, Fang Heyang was not surprised that she was here for the big event.
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