136 Who Was That Man?

    However, she felt that it really was coincidental for them to meet here.

    "Chief Lin, did you see Catwoman?" Fang Heyang asked, excitedly.

    Was this man one of her fans too?

    Lin Yiqian frowned. "Yes, I did... Why do you ask?" She prompted.

    "Catwoman is my goddess," Fang Heyang said as he moved closer to Lin Yiqian. "Is she as beautiful as what the rumors claim? Does she have an amazing body and a piercing gaze?"

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression instantly turned gloomy.

    She stared silently at Fang Heyang for a second before nodding. "Yeah. She would definitely stare right into the soul of a dandy boy like you."

    Fang Heyang straightened his back to make it clear that he was a serious man.

    Then, he looked at Lin Yiqian as he spoke in a more pleasant tone, "Besides, regardless of how pretty she is, she will never be as pretty as Chief Lin."

    Lin Yiqian tilted her head to one side as she heard what he said.

    "You've never met Catwoman in person. How would you know if she is prettier than I am?" She asked jokingly

    This was the first time someone compared her to Catwoman in terms of appearances.

    "If she is pretty, why would she wear a mask? What kind of woman would want to hide their beauty?"

    Fang Heyang sounded absolutely certain about his hypothesis.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she refused to extend the topic.

    "Didn't you graduate from the University of National Defense? Why aren't you serving the country?" Lin Yiqian suddenly changed the topic.

    Fang Heyang was taken by surprise.

    "Chief Lin, you... " Fang Heyang was stunned.

    "Hehe. I bet you didn't even have to spend a hundred dollars on your certificate from that university you claimed to have graduated from, eh?" Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    "How is that even possible? I spent five hundred dollars, and they even asked for more..." Fang Heyang's face was flushed with redness.

    Suddenly, he realized what he had just said and became silent.

    When he turned to look at Lin Yiqian, he saw how she was smiling, cunningly.

    Finally, he frowned and replied in a helpless tone, "I was worried that my original certificate would reflect my actual expertise."

    After having spoken, he continued to look at Lin Yiqian. She still had the same knowing smile on her face. Thus, he dared not tell a single lie.

    He continued after scratching his head. "Look at me. How could I possibly serve the country well? I'll just make things worse. I didn't even get to choose which university I went to. It was determined by Chief Fang."

    Finally, Lin Yiqian knew his family background.

    "Hmm. Don't be late to work tomorrow." Lin Yiqian nodded satisfactorily.

    Then, she turned around and started walking away.

    She seemed somewhat delighted with herself. As Fang Heyang continued to stare at her, a look of interest appeared on his face.


    "Ehh... Mother."

    Just as Lin Yiqian was about to call for a taxi, a white Porsche suddenly stopped in front of her. As the window at the back of the car was open, she could see that Song Changwen was sitting in the back.

    Song Changwen was staring at Lin Yiqian with a stern look on her face.

    Lin Yiqian nearly shouted out loud from the surprise.

    "Who was the man you were talking to?" Song Changwen asked with a deep tone.

    "He is one of my employees." Lin Yiqian knew that Song Changwen was referring to Fang Heyang.

    "Please remember that you are married. Don't you think that there is enough gossip about you already?" Song Changwen warned.

    "What are you waiting for? Get in the car," she added.
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