137 When Do You Plan To Have Kids?

    'Get in the car?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    She hesitated for a moment before opening the door and getting inside as quickly as she could.

    Song Changwen's secretary was sitting in front of them, in the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian and Song Changwen sat in the back. For someone who had gone through a lot in life, Lin Yiqian felt unusually nervous right then.

    This was her first time being in such close contact with Song Changwen. Although she used to fantasize about how she would interact with Song Changwen, and even swore to herself that she would treat Song Changwen like her own biological mother, she would always laugh it off as something impossible.

    That was because she never expected that this day would come.

    Lin Yiqian sat quietly with her hands on her lap as she looked out of the window.

    "When do you plan to have kids with Nianshen?" Song Changwen suddenly asked.

    When Lin Yiqian heard Song Changwen mentioning about children, she felt her cheeks growing warm. "Mother... Do you want to have grandchildren?"

    "If I wanted grandchildren, I would have had them already. I'm only suggesting that because of your current situation. It would stabilize your marriage and also keep Nianshen's uncles at bay." Song Changwen snorted.

    Lin Yiqian only heard Song Changwen's first sentence. 'If I wanted grandchildren, I would have had them already.'

    "Yeah." Lin Yiqian sighed.

    None of them had expected the old man to leave behind such a will. Otherwise, Gu Nianshen would have already had children with another woman.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she felt pain in her heart.

    "Did you hear what I have just said..."

    Song Changwen was very dissatisfied with how Lin Yiqian seemed to be lost in her own world. She was about to reprimand Lin Yiqian when her secretary suddenly interrupted her. "Sister Song, there's a call from Aunt Jiang."

    As he spoke, he handed the phone over to Song Changwen.

    "Mei Hong, is that you?" Song Changwen immediately placed the phone next to her ear.

    Lin Yiqian wondered who Aunt Jiang was, for Song Changwen to treat her call with such importance...

    Lin Yiqian was in the midst of pondering when Song Changwen suddenly appeared surprised. "Have you sent her to the hospital?"

    "Has Nianshen gone over?"

    "Alright, I'll be there soon." Song Changwen nodded, nervously.

    Could it be Gu Nianshen's grandmother? Why else would Gu Nianshen rush to the hospital this late and cause Song Changwen this much nervousness?

    Or could it be Gu Nianjia?

    Lin Yiqian began to worry as she thought that it might actually be Gu Nianjia.

    Right then, Song Changwen got off the call.

    "Xiaxia is having a fever. Send her home quickly and bring me to Wan Hai Hospital," Song Changwen said to her secretary.

    Lin Yiqian's hand suddenly trembled.

    She then turned to look at Song Changwen.

    'Has Nianshen gone over...?'

    Lin Yiqian stared at her for a long time before Song Changwen noticed her strange expression. When Song Changwen turned to look at Lin Yiqian, Lin Yiqian immediately turned to face the window.

    Lin Yiqian's fingers were interlaced as she pressed them against each other tightly.


    As Lin Yiqian sat in front of her desk, she repeated the actions of turning her laptop on and off.

    Finally, she decided to put it away before resting her head on the desk as she reached for the small clock in front of her.

    It was already twelve o'clock. He was probably not coming home.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she tossed the clock away and stood up decisively.

    Perhaps she was too tired. Since Gu Nianshen was not going to come home, Lin Yiqian jumped onto the bed and reached for the pillow on her right. Pressing her face into the pillow, she could smell a familiar scent that gradually calmed her down.Is this supposed to be only one uncle or are there more uncles?
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