142 Working Hard for the Company

    After hearing what her secretary had said, Song Changwen felt even more guilty. "Please regulate all news related to Nianshen and Lin Yiqian."

    "I'll do my best." Her secretary nodded before sighing. "But this won't solve the root problem."

    "It's too late now. I have no choice but to do this to Xiaixa. I know Changlin all too well. If he feels that he has a chance, he won't give up. I can't let Lin Yiqian repeatedly hurt him and Nianshen."

    Song Changwen's reply made her intentions very clear.

    "I understand." Her secretary nodded.

    "Inform me as soon as you hear anything about Xiaxia."



    Lin Quan's flagship store was located on a busy street in Shanghai's city center.

    Lin Yiqian had not been there for five years. It seemed that not much had changed. The clearance promotions of other shops appeared to be going on Lin Yiqian wondered how big their storage was.

    As Lin Yiqian was dressed very casually and had worn a cap, no one was able to recognize her.

    "Little brother, can I take a photo with you if I purchase these?"

    Lin Yiqian was a little surprised when she arrived at the entrance of Lin Quan's flagship store.

    There was a group of young females standing in the way of the entrance. They all seemed to be around the age of fifteen.

    "Take as many pictures as you'd like."

    It was Fang Heyang's voice.

    As Lin Yiqian looked into the store, she could see Fang Heyang standing behind the temporary sales counter. He was dressed in Lin Quan's white employee uniform and a red apron, which had Lin Quan's logo on it.

    Moreover, he was wearing his glasses. From afar, he looked like an undergraduate student who was working part-time in the store.

    This fellow...

    Lin Yiqian was unsure of whether to laugh or to cry. As she shook her head, she silently made her way into the store.

    "Can I bring you home then?"

    "If you bring me home, you'll have to feed me."

    Fang Heyang answered each question, gently. After answering them, he would always give a sweet smile.

    With his dimples, he seemed even more charming.

    Nearly all of the young girls were screaming in excitement.

    After making her way past the entrance, Lin Yiqian leaned lazily against the glass door as she observed Fang Heyang with interest.

    "Line up. One at a time. If you buy one set, you'll get to take one photograph with me. If you buy two, you can take three photographs. If you buy three, you'll be able to add me on Wechat."

    Fang Heyang was in charge of greeting the customers and taking photographs with them. In fact, he had even hung his Wechat QR code in front of his chest for those who had bought three sets of products to scan.

    Several other sales assistants were in charge of retrieving the products and handling the purchases. Everyone was frantically moving around to get their jobs done.

    After approximately an hour, the number of customers finally decreased.

    Fang Heyang was sweating profusely at this point. As he entered the store, he sat down on a chair next to the cashier before leaning back with his face to the ceiling. "Oh god, I'm so tired."

    Did he not notice that Lin Yiqian had arrived?

    Lin Yiqian chuckled before she spoke. "If I had known that this would happen, I would not have spent so much money to hire Na Wa."

    When Fang Heyang heard Lin Yiqian's voice, he sat upright immediately. When he saw her, he tilted his head. "Chief Lin, when did you arrive?"

    "Chief Lin has been here for over an hour." One of the sales assistants chuckled.

    Hearing this, Fang Heyang frowned slightly as he moaned. "Chief Lin, I'm sure you saw how hard I was working for the company."
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