143 I Know That You Have Cheated Before

    As Fang Heyang spoke, he pointed at the Wechat QR code in front of his chest. "Look at me. I have to sell things based on my appearance."

    Then, he pulled his chair slightly to the front before leaning against the cashier with his hands above it.

    He looked just like a child.

    "I saw you adding a lot of pretty girls on Wechat. You must be overjoyed," Lin Yiqian teased.

    "That's a false accusation. I know my limits," Fang Heyang argued.

    Before he had finished speaking, a pretty lady around the age of twenty-years-old ran into the store and called out to him, "Heyang, it really is you."

    When Fang Heyang saw the lady, he frowned as if he did not want to see her at all.

    After glancing at the lady, he began to ignore her.

    The girl did not seem to care about his attitude. "How could you do such a thing here?" She exclaimed, sadly.

    As she spoke, she looked Fang Heyang up and down. Seeing that he was wearing Lin Quan's uniform, she nearly cried. "Did your father kick you out of the house again?"


    Lin Yiqian turned to look at Fang Heyang who happened to be facing her.

    As their eyes met, Lin Yiqian smiled and shrugged.

    Fang Heyang returned her smile. Then, he quickly shifted his gaze back to the lady as his face turned cold. "Why are you here?"

    "I saw a friend posting a picture of herself with you. I asked her about it. She told me you were working as a salesperson here," she cried out.

    "Don't put yourself through so much hardship. I can work and look after you." She tugged at Fang Heyang's arm.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    How much did this woman love the man to want to look after him?

    Lin Yiqian was beginning to doubt her own love for Gu Nianshen. After all these years, she had never thought of working to look after him with her own money.

    "That would be too embarrassing. How could I let a woman take care of me financially? You're better off looking after another man." Fang Heyang shook her hands away as he stood up.

    Lin Yiqian remained speechless.

    Nevermind that he did not want her to look after him. How could he ask her to look after another man?


    "Heyang, I know it's my fault. I won't be difficult anymore." She reached for Fang Heyang's arm yet again. However, he managed to dodge away.

    "We've ended our relationship for three months now. Stop messing around."

    "Please give me one more chance. I promise I won't play around anymore. I swear that you are the only person in my heart." Her tears were nearly falling down her cheeks.

    Lin Yiqian felt pitiful for her.

    However, Fang Heyang did not seem to be moved at all. In fact, he became even more distant. "To be honest, I was only playing around with you too. You're not the only woman I've ever been in a relationship with. Please don't take things so seriously."

    "Fang Heyang!" Her dignity had clearly been affected.

    "Girls should look after their own dignity. Be a good girl now!" Fang Heyang started laughing.

    As he spoke, he began to gently pat the lady's head.

    Although it seemed like an affectionate gesture, it did not come off that way when Fang Heyang did it.

    On the contrary, it felt cold and distant.

    As Lin Yiqian stared at Fang Heyang, she began to squint. This fellow was indeed a two-faced person.

    "You'll regret this." The lady felt thoroughly hurt by Fang Heyang's words. As she spoke, she began to turn around before running out of the store.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian accidentally met Fang Heyang's gaze again. However, at that moment, Fang Heyang looked almost like an innocent puppy.

    "I know that you have cheated before." Lin Yiqian nodded without any emotion.

    "Huh???" Fang Heyang was confused.
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